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The Artist, Maria Kuipers , reconstructs her studio in our London

gallery to celebrate the launch of her new solo exhibition 'Dwellings'.

Free and open on June 21st and 22nd from 11am to 5pm at Thomas and


Maria Kuipers, an established artist from Brighton, will be available to talk to

visitors about her work and process during the opening weekend of June 21st

and 22nd.

Maria is a materials led artist who uses stitch, fabric and tapestry in her oil

paintings. Maria will be deconstructing her studio in Brighton and

reconstructing into the gallery environment. This unique opportunity will

provide a sensory experience providing an insight into the artists mind and

process. View her complete new body of work, her sketchbooks, drawings,

prose and base materials and speak to the artist directly.

DETAILS: The exhibition will run until 18th July. The open weekend, for which

the artist will be present, is on 21st and 22nd June from 11 to 5pm.

For more information and high resolution images call gallery on 020 7289 6200


About the artists work and exhibition from the curator

Abstract paintings often require time and contemplation to see the hidden

layers of complexity that go into making the finished work. Maria Kuipers’ art

is a case in point: the more you observe the deeper you go. In no small part,

this is due to the processes Maria incorporates in her practice. Using fabric,

stitch, tapestry and collage within, under and on her paintings, Maria creates

three-dimensional, textured surfaces that refuse to give away their secrets

quickly or easily. Cut into, scratched, torn and stitched together again, the

physical elements of her work have a metaphorical link with mental states,

our identity and sense of place; the scarred surface an allusion to the stripping

back and rebuilding of the self and of ones’ surroundings.

In a sense, the paintings create a new environment for Maria, as the artist, and

us, as the viewer, to exist in. It felt a natural decision to bring them together in

a solo titled ‘Dwellings’. I can not think of another word that better

encapsulates Maria’s recent body of work. Because her practice is so

distinctive and the concept of ‘making’ is integral to what she does, it also

seemed pertinent to additionally enable the visitor to enter into the artistic

process by allowing the gallery to become Maria’s studio environment for the

duration of the exhibition. We have worked hard to transplant the contents of

the artist’s Hove studio to Little Venice, as well as a dose of the atmosphere of

the seaside workspace. Hopefully the effect is to bring her work into focus and

captures both the soul and emotion of her approach.

Pauline Richards

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