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EVENT: Art Exhibition ʻThe Garden of Earthly Delights' - Mixed Media

VENUE: Water Street Gallery 25 Water Street Todmorden OL14 5AB

ARTISTS: 40+ Artists - Local and national

DATES: 19th June (private viewing) 20th June - 31 August 2014

OPEN HOURS: Wednesday - Saturday 9.30 - 5.30

Sunday 11.00 - 3.30

or by appointment

WEB: www.waterstreetgallery.co.uk email: info@waterstreetgallery.co.uk

PHONE: 01706 839714

ARTISTS: Jack Beaumont / Julia Breit / Linda Brill / Shelley Burgoyne

Effie Burns / Vanessa Conyers / Chris Czainski / Paul Czainski

Barry Cook / John Cook / Louise Day / Josephine Gornall

Mike Holcroft / Rosemary Holcroft / Samantha Holmes / Carole Kirk

Gavin Lavelle / Kate Lyall / Barry Midgley / Ann Somerset Miles

Lisa Naylor / Louise Oliver / Michael Gustavus Payne / Sara Philpott

Mike Pemsel / Beverley Porter / Angie Rogers / Margaret Shields

Sue Strange / Ian Taylor / Malcolm Taylor / Melanie Tomlinson

Gwen Turner / Richard Turner / Valerie Wartelle / Chris Vine

Anna-Mercedes Wear / Mick Wilson / Emma Wilkinson /

Richard Wincer / David Wiseman / Peter Yankowski


Be prepared for the extraordinary.

Gallery and invited artists have been asked to re-interpret and respond to the theme 'The

Garden of Earthly Delights'. The phrase, referring to the centre panel of Hieronymus

Bosch's famous triptych, has given full scope for diversity in both interpretation and chosen

media painting, drawing, sculpture, assemblage and collage, ceramics, prints, fibre art

and installation work.

Over 40 artists have produced stunning works, some working directly from the Bosch

work, with all it's monstrous creatures and lustful humans. Some focus on re-appropriating

according to the current climate and issues, in reality or imagination, while others enjoy the

lyricism and romance of The Garden in nature. This is certainly a hugely enjoyable and

absorbing exhibition.

Rosemary Holcroft