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Daddy Witch 2008 by Clare Woods b1972

enamel and oil on aluminium Arts Council

Collection © the artist courtesy Stuart Shave

Modern Art

Peter Lanyon Soaring Flight 1960. Arts

Council Collection, Hayward Gallery, London

Detached and Timeless: Contemporary artists inspired by

nature and spirit of place

12 July to 2 November 2014

A new exhibition at Exeter’s Royal Albert Memorial Museum looks at the way modern

British artists have been inspired by landscapes, nature and the seasons. Imaginary,

mystical places have provided the stimulus for several of the artists. Others have been

inspired by real West Country locations. Some touch on themes of spirituality and

paganism. The results are works which are often abstract, sometimes representational

and occasionally other-worldly.

Detached and Timeless features some of the most significant figures in British art from

the past sixty years, including Bomberg, Burra, Prunella Clough, Terry Frost, Patrick

Heron, Roger Hilton, Peter Lanyon, Richard Long, Rachel Lowe, George Shaw and

Clare Woods. Comprising a core group of 20th-century paintings from RAMM’s

collection, most works come to Exeter from the Arts Council Collection at Southbank

Centre in London, the national loan collection of modern and contemporary British art.

Additional loans come from Plymouth City Museum & Art Gallery and include several of

that collection’s most significant 20th century paintings.

Key pieces in the exhibition include ‘Soaring Flight’ by Lanyon and the large (2.2m x 3.5

m) ‘Daddy Witch’ by Woods. Bomberg’s ‘Self Portrait’ (1937), one of the earlier works in

the Arts Council Collection, and ‘Trendrine, Cornwall’ (1947) will hang alongside

RAMM’s own ‘Bideford, Devon’ (1946). In other media, the exhibition includes ‘Fourteen

Stones’ by Richard Long, Rachel Lowe’s video ‘A Letter to an Unknown Person No.5’

and photography by Keith Arnatt and Jem Southam.

Featured artists

Keith Arnatt (1930-2008) Jack Knox (b 1936)

Sandra Blow (1925-2006) Peter Lanyon (1918-64)

David Bomberg (1890-1957) Richard Long (b 1945)

Edward Burra (1905-76) Rachel Lowe (b 1968)

Prunella Clough (1919-99) Alexander Mackenzie (1923-2002)

Paul Feiler (1918-2013) Alexander McNeish (1932-2000)

Kenneth William A Fernee (1926-83) June Miles (b. 1924)

Clifford Fishwick (1923-97) George Shaw (b 1966)

Terry Frost (1915-2003) Jack Smith (1928-2011)

Hilary Goddard (b 1935) Jem Southam (b 1950)

Patrick Heron (1920-99) John Wells (1907-2000)

Roger Hilton (1911-75) Clare Woods (b 1972)

Justin Knowles (1935-2004)


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