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Sparks Fly on Bethnal Green Road - Expect the Unexpected!


19-24 February 2015

New work from a group of emerging and established artists at Espacio Gallery, London

From 19-24 February 2015 Convergence at Espacio Gallery showcases new work from a group of

national and international artists living and working in the UK, each with their own perspective and

unique approaches to a range of different subject matters.

The exhibition invites visitors to explore the personal, social and artistic relationships between the

artists and their work. When the styles meet there are no limits - Expect the unexpected!

A private view will be held on Thursday 19 February from 6-9pm. The show continues daily, including

weekend, from 1-7pm until 24 February at Espacio Gallery, 159 Bethnal Green Road, London E2 7DG.

The show combines photography, printmaking, painting, installation and mixed media to create a web

of new work from artists connected and separated by geography, language, culture and collaboration.

Meet the Artists

Moich Abrahams enjoys combining spontaneity and playfulness with exploring deeper aspects of the

unconscious while Becky Beckett, in her new series of works entitled explicit architectures, has

constructed encounters between people and places sourced from photos of expressionist buildings,

top-shelf magazines and microwave cookery books, among other things, suggesting a range of absurd


Steve Buggle’s abstract paintings are informed by what is going on around him, particularly modern

architecture with its simplicity and clarity of form. He wants his paintings to give the feeling that

something is happening on the surface, behind the surface, beyond the surface while Rosa Cives looks

at people’s interaction and reactions to Urban and Rural spaces and the environment that they inhabit.

For this exhibition, Rosa showcases a series of abstracts representing the ever changing environment

that surrounds her in rural Hertfordshire; nature being exposed to the elements as the seasons


Saliha Elhoussaini is inspired by the interconnectivity in natural and manmade systems, whereby

simplicity can give rise to complexity. A symbiotic relationship exists between the front and the reverse

in all thread drawings. Her work also explores ambiguity between illusory and real depth while

Beth Gadd’s work deals with the self, and the effect that living in our current society has on us as

individuals and social groups. She is fascinated by the physical aspect of this, and responds to issues

such as size zero culture, and what is typically considered to be 'ugly'. Gadd often adds humour to her

work to help her audience engage on a visual and emotional level.

Guilhem’s works are done without preparatory drawing My mistakes are entirely part of the process

because I like to explore our fragility in life, as we do every day, drawing our lives with our

imperfections. He tries to entirely merge with his doings, taking in his stride, his mistakes and his

limits while Liz James, primarily a painter, works in a fluid, expressive style to portray the atmosphere

of a place and time rather than topographical detail. She also incorporates other materials and

mediums and often uses charcoal, pastel, wax and sand with watercolour and acrylic to enhance her


Rossella Spoto draws inspiration from a combination of life experiences and socio-cultural

background, actual surrounding, dreams and expectations: past, present and future mix to recreate

simple, ironical tales which touch themes that resonate with personal or collective memories,

emotions, and taboos whilst Justyna Szpygiel invites the viewers to allow themselves a few moments

to stop and look at her paintings. Each painting contains approximately 25 layers of colours ‘if you

spend time looking at them you will start to notice more of the colours. The images are often a result

of meditation, moments of deep inner concentration when you can hear your true Self.’

Espacio Gallery

159 Bethnal Green Road London E2 7DG

Opening times: daily 1-7pm including weekends

Tube: Liverpool Street Station, Bethnal Green Station Overground: Shoreditch High Street

Buses: 8, 388

espaciogallery.com facebook.com/espaciogallery @espaciogallery

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For further information and/or interviews, please contact Carlos de Lins on 07815319073. Sample

images of artists’ work are also available on request in jpeg format from info@espaciogallery.com