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Louise Pilditch


T: 07720 942216


“Rare 37 Celsius at 78˚ 13’N, Warm Hand”

(Acrylic & gesso on 300lb cotton paper. 56x76cm)

Svalbard; Artic Wilderness, Community and Polar Bears

Artist Louise Pilditch presents a solo exhibition, ‘Svalbard; Arctic Wilderness, Community and Polar Bears’ at 54

The Gallery in Shepherd Market, London. Running from the 24th - 28th February 2015, the exhibition will feature

works inspired by her recent visits to Svalbard, Norway.

Visitors to the gallery will be transported to the arctic landscapes of this unique collection of islands that has long

fascinated travellers. Home to the phenomenon of Polar Night, the Northern Lights, and the Polar Bear, Louise’s

paintings capture Svalbard’s sense of adventure.

The Svalbard series started in 2009 when Louise first visited her son, Alex, who was a student at UNIS in

Longyearbyen. ‘I am inspired to paint the wilder spectrum of landscapes’ says Louise, ‘and on my visit to

Longyearbyen I was struck by our manmade ability to be warm and safe in this frozen wilderness. Sketching

in minus 20 Celsius is a challenge. Louise relies on memory and reference photos in these circumstances.

The exhibition is open daily between 11:00-18:00 and is free and open to the public. Private viewings from 18:30

are also available, with refreshments upon request. For further information visit or


About the artist

Louise Pilditch studied Fine Art at Exeter College of Art, Devon, and Tulsa University, Oklahoma. She graduated

with an MA in Painting and Sculpture in 1985. She has taught art to undergraduates and adults and was Head of

Art at a Preparatory school in Herefordshire for 19 years, all the while juggling family life, teaching and painting.

Pre-dawn starts in her studio have now evolved into full time painting.

“Icelandic Ponies, Longyearbyen, Svalbard”

(Acrylic & gesso on 300lb cotton paper. 56x76cm)