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REVIVE! an exhibition by Art Rickshaw

54 The Gallery, 54 Shepherds Market, Mayfair,


Mon, 15th Dec Sun, 21st Dec 2014

Daily Mon Sat 10am late, Sun 10am 3pm

(appointments can be made outside these hours)

Contemporary designs 100% hand embroidered in Pure Silk

This Fine Art Embroidery Exhibition and Sale will showcase the finest and independent

selection of contemporary hand crafted silk embroidery art in the heart of London. The skills

and techniques used in creating exquisite and beautiful silk art are handed down through

generations and can take several years to master and perfect. The stunning collection will

feature 100% hand embroidered pure silk art of various subjects such as florals and

landscapes created using traditional embroidery techniques dating over 2000 years.

Artisans: Various

Sea of Flowers, Pure Silk

52.5 x 39.5 cm

‘Discover the skill and beauty of Tibetan Art’

A selection of Tibetan Art, by the Artist Ugyen Choephell, will be on exhibition at 54 The

Gallery. Having trained under the late great Thangka masters, Amdo Jamyang and Sangye

Yeshe in Mussoorie his artistic journey has taken him from traditional to contemporary

taking inspiration from daily life of Tibetan people.

Abstract Flowers, Pure Silk

60 x 48 cm

Starting with his first exhibition in Dharamsala in 1997, Ugyen has exhibited at several

Tibetan Arts Festivals around the world. On show will be beautiful hand painted Mandalas

created using the traditional rules of iconometry. Treated with great care they are used as

teachings on Buddhist life and Philosophy and to aid concentration in meditation. In the

West, they are becoming popular as unique cultural art collection pieces and decorative wall


Artist: Ugyen Choephell

Mandala of Amitabha,

‘Infinite Light’ Natural Pigments with Gold

14.5 x 13.5 in

‘Step into Indian history in the heart of London’

The ancient folk art of Mithila Paintings, also known as Madhubani Paintings, will be on

exhibition at 54 The Gallery. The subjects of these paintings describe the cultural and

historical life of India. The paintings are created with acrylic on handmade paper using fine

nibs to create intricate and detailed motifs by traditional Madhubani artists, predominantly

women, from Bihar, India. The unique art form is handed down through generations. These

Indian paintings have been popular in the USA notably the Ford Foundation which has a

strong association with them as well as Japan which set up the Mithila Museum in

Tokamachi in the nineties. Art Rickshaw advocates, collects and exhibits Mithila Art in the


Artists: Various

Krishna Leela, Indian Dance

Acrylic on hand made paper

22 x 30 in

Revive! An Exhibition by Art Rickshaw is a rare opportunity to see an independent collection

of 100% handmade silk embroideries, hand painted Madhubani and Tibetan Art.

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