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Rare French WW1

Propaganda Posters

Opens 10 September

Closes 30 September

Sylvester Fine Art

64 Belsize Lane

London NW3 5BJ

Contact: 020 7443 5990

L’Emprunt de la Libération Abel Faivre

Sylvester Fine Art brings rare touch of WW1

nostalgia to Belsize Village

10 September marks the opening day of Sylvester Fine Arts latest show

which features beautiful French propaganda posters from WW1. These

stunning original lithographs were created by a myriad of leading artists of

the day, such as SEM, Faivre and Steinlen and, after 100 years and thanks to

the thin paper used at the time, are now rare examples.

By the end of the 19th century France had become the world leader in

commercial art, leading the way in recognising the impact of the poster as

a means of communication; it was during the Great War that this medium

was used more than at any other time during history. Whether the

poster was supposed to inspire, inform or persuade, it was often

combined with vibrant designs resulting in the creation of thousands of

interesting visual artworks.

Gallerist Andrea Sylvester said: “this latest show demonstrates the variety

of ways in which the French Government of the time used the poster to

communicate with all corners of society in aid of the war effort. These

posters were used as a positive instrument of war propaganda and

enabled the Government to recruit soldiers, raise money to finance the

war effort as well as encouraging its citizens to conserve resources.

WW1 was the first time that posters were used on a large-scale for

political purposes and it was thanks to new printing technologies that this

medium had moved beyond the small, single-coloured, mainly textual

productions of the 19th century. Suddenly it was possible to mass-

produce something large and colourful in an affordable manner.

Andrea said: “This snapshot of history is an extraordinary insight into the

issues facing all countries at this terrible time. For example, women were

used as a propaganda tool from early in the war; to begin with women

were portrayed as figures of vulnerability requiring strong men to protect

them (for recruitment) and later they were targeted as needing to fulfil

their role as strong supporters of their men at the front, required to do

‘their bit’ for the war effort (to keep morale high). What many people

may not realise is that our Britannia, symbol of all that is strong and good

about Britain, had her French counterpart in Marianne who stood for the

same patriotic principles.”

These rare WW1 French posters will be available to view and purchase

from 10 September with prices ranging from £650 up to around £2,500.

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Open: Wednesday - Saturday 11.00am - 6.00pm

Sunday Noon - 5.00pm

Also by appointment outside normal opening hours

Souscrivez pour hâter la paix par victoire

Paul-Albert Besnard

Journée Serbe

Theophile Steinlen

Journée du Poilu

Apolphe Willette