Cover Image: Peter Lanyon, Object 1962 Art galleries in London, Galleries in Cork Street, Galleries in Edinburgh, Galleries in Glasgow, Galleres in Cardiff
Cover Image: Peter Lanyon
Object 1962
Belgrave St Ives

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    Art galleries in London and the UK
    Art Exhibitions Opening this month
    WEDNESDAY 25.5.16
    Laurence Edwards - Messum's, Cork Street, London  
    Modern British Highlights - Beaux Arts London,
    New Bond Street, London  
    Nicola Green - Flowers (Cork Street),
    Cork Street, London  
    Paul Sonabend - 12 Star Gallery,
    Knightsbridge & Pimlico, London  
    Vibration of Space - Waddington Custot Galleries,
    Cork Street, London  
    Art Exhibitions Opening this month
    THURSDAY 26.5.16
    Alan Parry - The Catto Gallery, Hampstead, London  
    Bhupen’s Contemporaries - Grosvenor Gallery,
    Trafalgar Square & St James's, London  
    Lynda White - Town Mill Galleries,
    West Country, England  
    Not The Royal Academy - Llewellyn Alexander Gallery,
    Bankside, London  
    Tim Fudge, Peter Morgan - The Albany Gallery,
    Cardiff, Wales  
    Art Exhibitions Opening this month
    FRIDAY 27.5.16
    BAAB London 2016 - Gallery 8, Trafalgar Square & St James's, London  
    Ben Jones - Ben Jones,
    Wales, UK  
    Pop Art Heroes - Whitford Fine Art,
    Trafalgar Square & St James's, London  
    Art Exhibitions Opening this month
    SATURDAY 28.5.16
    A Place to Dream. - The Gallery At 41, West Country, England  
    Akiko Hirai - New Craftsman Gallery St Ives,
    St Ives - Cornwall, England  
    Lyme Regis Art Society - Town Mill Galleries,
    West Country, England  
    Mayfair Art Tour - Brown's Art Tours,
    Old Bond Street, London  
    Sally Moore - Tegfryn Gallery,
    Wales, UK  
    The Story in Art - Candida Stevens Fine Art,
    S. Home Counties, England  
    Art Exhibitions Opening this month
    TUESDAY 31.5.16
    Maureen Sweeney - Greenwich Printmakers Gallery, S.W. London  

    Galleries - Art in the UK Art Galleries in London Minerva-2016: 200 Japanese contemporary artists. May 24-27
    Rosemary Clunie, Irene Scheinmann, Aline Hercberg and others: open studio. May 14-15