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(from left) On the way to Novruz (mixed media on papyrus), At rest (mixed media on canvas), and Duality (mixed media on papyrus)

ZANN unites a collection of drawings and paintings by Kabira Alieva, the Azerbaijani artist, who brings her

second solo show in the UK to a wide London audience in a quest to visually engage, educate, introduce and

explore Azerbaijani identity, superimposed on a British cultural canvas. This exhibition is sponsored by The

European Azerbaijan Society.

As ever, Kabiras work is charged with an ethnic undercurrent of stylised dynamic imagery, and vibrant play of

line, colour and texture. Paintings breathe with soul and messages, either the artists, or of something bigger

and more powerful. Relief surface textures tease the viewer with tactile sensations for the eyes, enhancing

engagement with the energy and meaning of the work.

Building on Kabiras recent solo exhibition in Azerbaijan, which explored the theme of the Zoroastrian influence

on Azerbaijani culture, here Kabira presents drawings on papyrus and paper that hint at the mystical and

ancient beliefs that constitute integral elements of the distinctive Azerbaijani ethnicity.

ZANN or nn is a word sometimes used in the Azerbaijani language, but is arguably derived from Arabic.

Although generally used to signify an inkling, guess, or presumption, interestingly the Quran describes it as

a presumption of truth in a charge, although the evidence does not necessarily amount to conviction. Entitling

this exhibition ZANN is a mild experiment: it is meant to evoke thought and enquiry, challenging the viewer

to draw meaning from the works that they see, given enough visual evidence or not, thus sometimes resorting

to their soulful inner selves. It is an experiment to see what presumptions the British public will derive from

this visiting artwork, and how Azerbaijanis living far from their home country will reconnect with anything

visually or emotionally familiar. ZANN will be accompanied by music from UnVeiled, the first record by the

Sabina Rakcheyeva Ensemble, with a booklet illustrated by Kabira.

Kabira Alieva was born in Baku, Azerbaijan, and started drawing from the tender age of three. Drawing became

an integral part of her life and has accompanied her studies in art and biological sciences. Kabiras work was

also strengthened by various cultural influences, as her family moved from Azerbaijan to Turkey, and finally

settled in the UK. Kabira currently lives and works in London. Her work has been exhibited in Azerbaijan,

Turkey, Switzerland and the UK, and is kept in many private collections.

Exhibition: ZANN An exhibition of paintings

Dates: 510 September 2011

and drawings by Azerbaijani artist Kabira Alieva

Monday, WednesdaySaturday 10001700hrs

Venue: Mall Galleries, The Mall,

Tuesday 10001930hrs

London, SW1

Private view: 5 September 18002100hrs


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