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GALLERY 27 CORK STREET LONDON W1S 3NG mob: +44 7798 526 252 email:

ADDY GARDNER : Earth & Sky

5 –10 SEPTEMBER 2011 : GALLERY 27 : Monday-Saturday 10-6

Jenny Blyth Fine Art presents a new body of work by Addy Gardner, an emerging

painter based in Oxfordshire. This is her first London solo exhibition following her very

successful debut exhibition at Art Jericho, Oxford in 2010. She studied art at Brookes

University, Oxford and completed a Psychology degree thereafter.

“The sublime is that which we cannot appropriate, if only because we cannot

discern any boundaries. If anything, it appropriates us ….” Malcolm Andrews

Moving seamlessly between configuration and abstract expressionism, Addy Gardner

invites the viewer to journey between an earthly landscape and a canvas of dreams. Her

painting aspires to ‘peak experiencewhere the viewer releases their sense of self to an

awareness of a greater unity. Addy commands an ability to create form, transforming the

colours of earth and sky to a spectrum of light and ambivalence.

Working in oil on canvas, Addy's paintings are infused with vitality, imparting energy and

a sense of joy.

“My paintings draw on the tradition of the picturesque and sublime. They are a

representation of the point at which beauty emerges in the natural world.” …..

Addy Gardner.

The artist will be showing forty new canvases at Gallery 27 Cork Street London W1S 3NG