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Henrietta Dubrey's paintings


The Jointure Studios, Ditchling

October 2011

It is a decade since Henrietta Dubrey's

paintings were exhibited in Sussex so in The

Jointure Studios' 10th anniversary year it is

fitting - and a pleasure - to show this talented

artist's current work.

Working mainly in oil on canvas, her abstract

paintings are essentially autobiographical,

describing mood, place and circumstance:

deconstructions and reconstructions of life.

Her work evolves through the act of painting

exploring process and outcome, so that as the

subject becomes evident she is able to let the work dictate its own direction.

These ideas appear on the canvas surface often as an abstract gestural web,

occasionally tangled, occasionally bold and resolved - like life itself.

Originally from Sussex, Dubrey studied painting in London in the 1980s at the Byam

Shaw School of Art, Wimbledon School of Art and the Royal Academy School. She

now lives and works in West Penwith, Cornwall, and her work is exhibited

throughout the UK.

The exhibition entitled 'Line & Surface' brings together paintings, monoprints,

etchings, paperworks and ceramics linked by their linear and surface qualities.

Henrietta's work will be shown with that of other contemporary artists: painters

Amanda Wallwork and Tony Scrivener, printer Megan Fishpool, papermaker Carol

Farrow and ceramicists Patricia Volk and Rachel Wood.

The Autumn Exhibition "Line & Surface" at The Jointure Studios, 11 South

Street, Ditchling BN6 8UQ will preview 1st & 2nd October and continue until

15th October, Thursday to Saturday 11am-5pm or by appointment.

01273 841244

Editor's note: for further information and images contact Shirley Crowther on

01273 841244

The Jointure Studios 11 South Street Ditchling Sussex BN6 8UQ

Tel/Fax: 01273 841244