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3rd – 22nd October 2011

Hay Hill Gallery

5a Cork Street, Mayfair,

London, W1S 3NY

“Nicolas Ruston is a highly experienced media practitioner who has taken his industry skills so

as to examine its own self in a fine art context – whether this is a documentation, an autopsy or

a healing endeavour will, I imagine, only be found out when his show opens.

— Neal Brown

We are pleased to announce the opening of

Propensity Modelling, a show of new work by

Nicolas Ruston hosted by Hay Hill Gallery.

The exhibition will feature painting and

video. Ruston will situate sculptures by

Auguste Rodin amongst his own works, as

an installation. These historical works from

Rodins Gates of Hell will be transformed

as they are immersed into the context of

Rustons narrative. Exploring our relationships

with artificial manipulation, the mass media

and modern myth, the exhibition will

feature Rustons most ambitious silicone

paintings to date.

Pictured above:

Sequential Pattern Mining Functions

Nicolas Ruston, Silicone on Canvas.

Nicolas Rustons work is concerned with

The work intends to confront the practice of

collective beliefs and shared verbal and visual

modern myth-making and ideas surrounding

narratives in relation to the mass media and

the presentation of an object, its reading and

its version of reality. Referencing the notion of

meaning, with an increasing emphasis on

artificial manipulation, science fiction and

narrative as a lead into the concept

cloning techniques, Rustons new body of

surrounding the art work. The exhibition will

work quietly attempts to draw out the

see fiction and reality mingle as the miracles

complexities surrounding the packaging of

of modern science and the horror of science

DNA sequences and its value as commodity.

fiction become one as neo-modern myth.


Nicolas Ruston, born in Epping, England

in 1975, is a British artist and sculptor,

most recognised for his silicone and mixed

media works, which explore the notion of

artificial manipulation. Ruston has enjoyed

a successful career in advertising where

engineered truths are a product of

creative endeavour.

Ruston graduated from De Montfort

University. He now lectures at Norwich

University College of the Arts and is Creative

Director of an advertising agency. His key

works are held in private and corporate

collections around the world.

Notes for Editors

Ruston graduated from De Montfort University

and thoughts of Jean Baudrillard, Noam

following a three-year apprenticeship under

Chomsky, Naomi Klein, George Orwell, Paul

sculptor John Warren.

Arden and Charles Saatchi.

Ruston has enjoyed an accomplished career

The exhibition includes some of Rustons

within the advertising industry, and brings a

scratch-paintings, featured in two recent

knowledge and understanding of its nature

major films and selected for the European

into his work. In this respect his work might

Art Prize at the Barbican Centre.

be considered in the context of the writings

Contact Details:

Please contact for further

details or to RSVP for the private view, held at:

Hay Hill Gallery,

5a Cork Street, Mayfair,

London, W1S 3NY