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In his forthcoming exhibition, Prahlad Bubbar presents his most recent acquisitions of Indian

paintings at his gallery in Mayfair, London. The collection celebrates the pastimes and passions of

India’s kings, with works dating from the seventeenth to the nineteenth century.

Of particular importance is a previously unpublished collection of paintings from the kingdom of

Mewar, Rajasthan. With its capital at Udaipur, Mewar is home to one of the most celebrated

and longstanding traditions in the history of Indian painting. Known for their opulent court

culture and formidable martial history, the Maharanas were keen patrons of the arts. A

particular highlight is a painting of Maharana Sangram Singh (r.1710-34) hunting boar in a

mountainous landscape. It is a fine example of the vitality and drama that characterised Mewar

painting in the early eighteenth century, with its expansive setting and detailed multiple


The collection also highlights the great beauty and technical refinement achieved by artists

working in the nineteenth century. Of considerable importance are three signed works by Tara,

the leading court artist at Udaipur during the reign of Maharana Sarup Singh (r.1842-61). In

addition are two life-size portraits of a boar and a tiger on cloth. As hunting trophies they

document specific animals killed, with markings to display the exact locations of their wounds.

They are rare survivors, unusual in their scale and precious examples of a tradition that

celebrated the skill of the hunter through the illustration of his conquests. The animals

themselves are portrayed with sensitivity and vitality.

The exhibition presents other significant works from across India. Of particular note is a Mughal

portrait of the Persian Emperor Nadir Shah (r.1736-1747), whose devastating sack of Delhi in

1739 signalled the twilight of Mughal hegemony in India. Once in the collection of Major Thomas

Pearson (d.1740-81), an esteemed member of the Bengal Establishment and supporter of Lord

Clive, it is a work of great beauty and elegance. It is also illustrative of the heights achieved by

later Mughal artists under the patronage the Emperor Muhammad Shah (r. 1719-1748).

Prahlad Bubbar is a dealer and consultant of Indian art. He is a specialist in Indian miniature

paintings from 1400-1900 and widely respected in the field for his knowledge.

All works are for sale. Opening hours: Mon-Sat 11am-6pm, Sunday by appointment.

Prahlad Bubbar

5 Aldford Street

T +44 207 4936 834

Mayfair, London