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Exhibition of oil Paintings by Sarbani Sen at La Galleria Pall Mall,

London from Nov 30 - Dec 6, 11

Indian artist Sarbani Sen is back for her 5th solo exhibition in London

Sarbani’s work is about nature and man’s relationship with his environment. A compulsive

traveller, a brilliant scholar, an ardent nature lover, that she has the stance of a romantic there

is no doubt. She blends classic romanticism





create a perfect balance of beauty

and tranquility.

Landscape for her is a subjective

reality, an atonement, where the

beholder and beholden become

one. Nothing is allowed to intrude in

this space, not even the artists own


The desert paintings are a somewhat different story. The unyielding near empty land, the

relentless sun, the harsh wind, the figures as if seen through upward moving hot air, sometimes

bordering on surrealism here the story is of

struggle and compromise of life and

living with and against nature. A

recurrent theme of water pots run

through the canvasses. To the artist

each woman carrying a pot of water

to her desert home is Laxmi,

Goddess of Grace bringing home the

elixir of everlasting life.

About the Artist

Sarbani has always had a great urge to explore the unknown, to go beyond the horizon, beyond

the next mountain range, to see outside a closed gate and inside the covers of an unread


Along with her curriculum in the university, she had read extensively on art and gained an in-

depth knowledge of classical and contemporary art in India, Europe and Japan. So, when she

gave up a career in mathematics and started





heartedly she was armed with an





theoretical side of painting and her

mind was completely in tune with

the sights and sounds around her.

From 1974 she started painting seriously, her

subject remaining nature and man’s relationship with nature. In early eighties, in Bombay, she

came under the guidance of late Prof. N. S. Bendre of J.J.School of Arts, Mumbai,

one of the great painters in India.

From him she learnt the value of

following her own instincts over

being academic. She said of these

years to Economic Times, I have

spent more time with canvases that

I imagined I would be painting than

doing the actual painting. My mind

has sped, leaving the brush to plod

behind. Vision and imagery crowded

my eyes but they eluded the hand

”. While her vision is definitely that

of a romantic, nothing diluted the

rigours of intellectual scrutiny.

Her work varies from realistic to stylised semi abstraction.

Sarbani started to show her paintings in exhibitions from 1981. She has had twenty five solo

exhibitions of her paintings in galleries in Mumbai, Delhi, Calcutta and London, including three

in “The Gallery At Cork Street” London.

Sarbani’s paintings were selected for two consecutive years as the first painting for the TATA

Art calendar (2000 and 2001

What the critics say:

Artists & Illustrators, London – put Sarbani’s painting on their

cover and did a feature on her on their centre spread in their

August ’95 issue. Their art critic Karen Taylor, who

interviewed Sarbani, says ‘ …Her compositions are completely

uncontrived, imported as they stand direct from nature. She

doesn’t analyse her choice of subjects; she simply responds

to a scene’s natural beauty and the spontaneous urge to

capture it on the canvas… a measure of her success is

‘mustard in bloom’ about which she is typically modest. The

painting is simple to the point of abstraction, yet the scene is

instantly recognisable. The colours of this painting are indeed

stunning, as they are in nearly all Sarbani Sen’s work. One

conscious tenet she has taken from Hinduism is a firm belief in reincarnation. Expecting to

return to other lives, Sarbani strides steadily towards her artistic ambition, to reach a stage

where I feel I have arrived

R.T.Shahani in ‘The Afternoon’ Mumbai, wrote ‘…Sarbani

Sen’s oils on canvas are brilliant for their contents as well

as her love for nature revealed through them… An art we

can sit back and enjoy, an art of purity and balance,

which is reminiscent of the master artists of nature like

Constable and Turner of England.

Kiran Sheikh in The Asian Age, Mumbai wrote Sarbani’s

works are a refuge from urban squalor …the jagged

mountain with its pine covered slopes are the painters

statements about her strong feelings about the

denudation of the himalayas

Dnyaneshwar Nadkarni, the well-known art critic, wrote

in the Pioneer. Mumbai ‘… Sarbani Sen is one of our most

distinguished nature painters. She comes riding on the

glory of very successful exhibitions held at ‘The Gallery in

Cork Street, London. ..Sarbani’s success is well deserved.

For, she has consistently shown in her canvases,

environment in the context of nature

Some Collectors

Sarbani's paintings are in the collection of many art lovers in India, UK, USA, Canada, Australia Switzerland, South

Africa, Singapore, Philippines, UAE, and many other countries worldwide.

Shri Pranab Mukerji, Finance Minister of India

Mr. John Eddy, Consul General of USA in Mumbai

Chairman Export Import Bank of India

Chairman , Oriental Bank Of Commerce

Chairman Thermax Ltd.

Dr. K. Anji Reddy , Chairman Dr. Reddy's Laboratories

Dr. J. J. Bhaba , Director Tata Sons

National Centre for Performing Arts , Mumbai

Taj Group of Hotels,

Mr. Ashok Kumar, Chairman, Hermes Group, Mumbai

Managing Director, Tata Electric Companies Limited

Managing Director Tata Press

Managing Director Tata Power Limited

Managing Director Gujarat Ambuja Private Limited

Managing Director Mphasis

Managing Director Tractors India

Chairman Cable Corporation of India Private Limited

Director, Industrial Development Bank of India

Managing Director Shell Group of Companies India

Mr. Anil Kumble, Test Captain for India

Country Head, Ferrostaal Ltd. India

Ms Al Naquib, Sharjah

Mrs. Diana Wilson

Mr. Frank Dorian , Singapore

Ahmed Buhari, Founder President C & O Group, Dubai

Mrs. Megan Sen, Singapore

Mr. Hemant Singh, Canada

Mrs. Suchismita Sen, USA

Mrs. Farida Grewal, Mumbai

Mr.P.A. Leggat, MBE, Chairman Lawrie Plantations , London

Mr. Tony Bates VP, EMI records International London

Mr. Mike Mulrooney, Managing Director Nautilus Shipping, London

Mr. M.J. Fraser MD Turbine Blading Group, UK

Mr. Tom Novak, Managing Director Prator Limited, Prague

Mr. Tom Dreessen President Energy Performance Services, Philadelphia

Mr. Igor Sitnin, Bank of America

Mr. Gregg Ullman, Chadbourne Park Inc. USA

Mr. Jack Treier , B& W USA, Chicago, USA

Mr. Mustaq Pirani, Piramco Inc. North Vancouver, BC, Canada

Mrs. Mina Noah London

Mr. Donald Macadam, Ontario, Canada

Mr. P.C.M. Holmes, Victoria, Canada

Mr. R. Gheewalla, London

Ms Rina Rabou, Netherlands

Mr. Douglas O'brien, London

Mr. John Tyson, London

Ms. Janine F Barnes, Victoria, Australia

Mr. Sewak Dansinghani, London

Mr. Shivan Sundaram, USA

Ms. Nancy Morris, New York

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" Eyes you have seen all......

Come back now,

Come back to white

Chrysanthemum! "


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Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi

Exhibition :

Nov 30 to Dec 6, 2011

10.30am to 7.00pm

La Galleria Pall Mall,

Royal Opera Arcade,

London. SW1Y 4UY

Artist’s contact :

E-mail :

Website :

Tel : +91 9423012947, +91 9790930930