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Heddington, Wiltshire 2010

oil on canvas 24 x 36 in



The Gallery in Cork Street, Cork Street, London W1

6 18 JUNE 2011

“Trotter is an artist who has a powerful feeling for the material she uses: oil paint, in all its

glorious physicality. Martin Gayford,

Art critic for the Daily Telegraph and author of

The Yellow House and The Man in the Blue Scarf.

Josephine Trotter has had 18 solo exhibitions. Her passion is landscape and she also

specializes in interiors and still life. Fauve in style, her palette is richly coloured. She has a

true engagement with the land, painting directly from her subject. British & French: New

Paintings features six London Bridges and landscapes across Britain and France.

A focal point of the exhibition is a series of six London bridges spanning the Thames.

Trotter’s distinctive view of Battersea Bridge topped with double decker buses and flanked by

house and working boats, conveys the dynamic of an exciting bustling city.

Trotter’s passion for Southern France is reflected in her paintings of pensions and chateaux.

Her French portfolio exudes the same fullness of spirit, with paint applied sumptuously to

reflect the richness of the landscape.