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Bicha Gallery sets out for inaugural Milan Affordable

Art Fair and returns to Brussels for the second year

Sally McGill, All the World in a Grain of Sand, Linocuts on paper, 2010

Following last years successful fairs in Europe and Asia, Bicha Gallery is excited

to begin 2011 by exhibiting in the Milan and Brussels Affordable Art Fairs.

Exhibiting artists include:


Sally McGill - British contemporary artist inspired by flight, aerial views, landscapes

and fractals – the geometry of natural shapes repeated at different scales

John Crossley - Abstract paintings exploring the nature of things through the metaphors

of light and spatial relationships capturing a joyful resonance

AAF Milan 2011

AAF Brussels 2011

Thurs 3 - Sun 6 February

Fri 25 - Mon 28 February

Superstudio Più, via Tortona

Tour & Taxis, Brussels

Private View: Wed 2 Feb

Private View: Thurs 24 Feb

Stand D6

Stand D1

Affordable Art Fair

Bicha Gallery

7 Gabriels Wharf

South Bank

London SE1 9PP

020 7928 0083

Bicha Gallery

7 Gabriels Wharf

South Bank

London SE1 9PP

020 7928 0083

Colin McCallum, Interference Red Blue Purple, Acrylic on canvas, 2008

Colin McCallum - Contemporary abstract paintings influenced by elements of todays

cityscapes: hotels, airports, malls, electricity and digital technology

Derek Marks - Oil paintings derived from life drawing studies that vary from the quick

sketch to beautifully executed studies art pieces in themselves

Roger Kite - Acrylic paintings, watercolour and charcoal drawings inspired by trees

and the artists fascination with their longevity and capacity for renewal

Eleonore Pironneau - Abstract acrylic paintings depicting a poetic expression of the

artists meditative inner worlds and symbolic forms of energy bubbles of life

David Oates - The Vampire series of oil paintings combine a formal minimalist visual

language and a Romantic preoccupation with our relation to time and space


Dr Lisa Anderson - Lens-based digital images exploring our relationship with

environment, from China, the High Arctic and the Australian outback

John Bryson - A series of photographic triptychs exploring our experiences of nature

and the often disorienting dialogue created between landscape and memory

Daniela Schnieder - The Air Lines (Linhas reas) series reveals the hidden beauty

found in the chaos of the city, focusing on the poetry and delicate feelings it creates

Bicha Gallery

7 Gabriels Wharf

South Bank

London SE1 9PP

020 7928 0083


Zoe Schieppati-Emery - Traditional prints exploring a range of techniques and materials,

investigating the boundaries between 2 and 3 dimensional representations

Anna Toppin - This series of prints is about revelation; the deceptively simple shape

of the Kimono opening up to reveal a lining composed of complex imagery

Ann Mary Gollifer - Monoprints by the artist in Botswana, exploring the condition of

being an exotic in the exotic, history and identity, both personal and collective

Janelle Humphreys - Graphite frottage (rubbings) with a sense of play, closely connected

to mathematics: her paper often unfolds in a Fibonacci sequence

Paraskevi Plevri - A collection of blue ink Biro drawings illustrating the olive trees

from the island of Crete the emerging young artists native land


Annie Parker - The human face is an endless source of fascination and inspiration

for this sculptor. It reflects the whole of humanity, and is a compulsion that she

recreates in her stonework

Philip Booth - Sculptural work exploring the flow of imagery midway between

abstraction and figuration - focusing on our relationship with the natural world

Anna Barlow - Hyperrealist ceramics of our childhood confectionary delights

– ice creams, cakes, pies – frozen in time for our nostalgic appreciation

Claire Malet - The inspiration for the artists reclaimed metal pieces come from nature

and the characteristics of the various materials she works with


For further information, text or images, please contact António Capelão.

Bicha Gallery, 7 Gabriels Wharf, South Bank, London SE1 9PP

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Open Tuesday through Sunday from 11am till 7pm


Bicha Gallery represents living contemporary artists from the UK and around the

world – working in sculpture, ceramics, drawing, illustration, painting, photography,

printmaking, etching and metal work.

Bicha Gallery

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