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Preview: GEOMETRISM An Exhibition by Peter Hugo Mcclure

The only Universal Language (even understood by Extraterrestrials) is Mathematics/Geometry...the

Fibonacci Sequence, Golden Ratio, Fractals, Matrices, Proportion/Harmonics, Tessellations, Prime

Numbers, Permutations/Combinations, Puzzles, Interlocking Grids, Mazes, Magic Squares/Cubes et-al

create order & harmony and are the building blocks for all things on this planet and else-where...look

at DNA, snowflakes, crystals, atomic structure...the whole of nature evolves with mathematical pre-

cision ...even the Platonic Solids are abundant in nature (observed even by the Neanderthals).

This October Exhibition is a glimpse of the beauty to be found in Sacred Geometry & Maths with work

done in the past 25+ years.

Since my: My Raku on last summer’s Solstice my stock of Artwork has become some-what

in addition to “original” works of art in this Expo there will be printed (just for this exhibition) canvas

facsimiles of works that no longer exist or that are longer in my possession...and i must say that some

of them are better than the originals and have become the “New Originals”...they have effectively been

Resurrected. I regard most of my work as prototypes/templates that can be replicated & are part of a

Continuum...a Living Karma of Cause & Effect.

This is Mandala Man Mcclure signing out...Heres looking at Eu-clid.

Here is an article on Geometrism:

Plus this is one of my most recent paintings that

together with another 30+ images will be appearing at the


KNIGHT’S TALISMAN 2010...Acrylic on Board (24x24 inches)

A lot of my work can be perused at:

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