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Press Release

Celebrate Christmas & the New Year

in Style, in Arundel!

Christmas & New Year - Mixed Exhibition - Paintings, ceramics, sculpture and original prints

27 November to 21 December 2010

then 15 January to 19 February 2011

In the gallery this Christmas we will show a mix of work including paintings by Kate Sherman (pictured

left above), Nick Bodimeade, Barbara Macfarlane, Phil Tyler; prints by Jake Chapman, Tracey Emin, Terry

Frost and Tom Hammick; ceramics by Karen Bunting, John Leach, Nigel Lambert (pictured right above),

Chris Keenan and Lilia Umana Clarke. Plus many more!

James Stewart, gallery director, says “I am particularly pleased to be showing Nigel Lambert’s colourful

functional ceramics for the first time, they look good, work well and can be mixed with other pieces

already in any studio pottery collection

Then to start the New Year, we are pleased to present an installation in our gallery shop front by James

Chevis, an artist who recently graduated from Northbrook College.

The piece, called Playscape”, develops his current on going themes of fun and mystery, evoking

memories of visits to fairgrounds and circuses. Using metal rods, welded together to create his

compositions James Chevis juxtaposes these with playful brightly coloured balls. The latter acting to

distract your attention from the possibilities presented by the structures.

Zimmer Stewart Gallery

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Nigel Lambert

Nigel Lambert's pots are both decorative and functional. He began his love of pottery and paintings

whilst a student art college in Cornwall, his student years were steeped in the Leach stoneware

tradition; Bill Marshall was one of his tutors.

He joins John Leach, Karen Bunting, Chris Keenan and Lilia Umana Clarke as a potter whose work we

will have at the Zimmer Stewart Gallery all year around. His earthenware pieces start with a turned

vessel, which is then altered to an oval or square shape, a handle and/or spout is attached before

decoration in bright abstract designs reminiscent of the Cornish artists of the 50's and 60's (Heron,

Frost, Lanyon etc).

The pots are then wood fired (for about 22 hours) producing often, unexpected results in the final

pieces, which are both stunning in form, decoration and function!

Nigel Lambert lives and works in a small village in Gloucestershire, close to the Welsh border.

Kate Sherman

Born in 1970, Kate Sherman grew up on the Jurassic coast in Dorset. After her Fine Art degree in 1993,

Kate spent over ten years working in London curating and dealing on modern and contemporary art.

She now lives and works in East Sussex, painting full time.

Her paintings have a delicate impasto surface and brisk brush marks which belie their intricate structure:

Compositions of skylines, horizon lines and road lines are sensitively balanced by fence posts, signposts

or trees.

The paintings, all oil on board no larger than 30 x 20 cm, originate form photographs she has taken from

the surrounding Sussex landscape. This photogenic source is important because the paintings capture a

reflective notion of memory, of the emotional distance between a real landscape and a photograph,

between experience and longing.

The works have a poignant and quiet melancholy reminiscent of Edward Hopper, that is expressed both

by the portrayal of sparse unpopulated landscapes containing elemental traces of man, and by her

restrained palette which is often suffused in a reserved Northern European light of chalky blues and

pink-blushed greys.

Further details on all artists mentioned are available on request.

Prints are also available online from our dedicated “ZS Editions website:

For more information or images please contact James Stewart directly on 01903 885 867 or visit our

website at select Exhibitions or Artists pages.

Zimmer Stewart Gallery

29 Tarrant Street, Arundel West Sussex, BN18 9DG

01903 885867 –