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We have a new show opening on the 6 May, by the Glasgow School of Art trained artist, Adrian Wiszniewski.

Twenty-one new paintings and drawings, created in the past year, focus on a range of enigmatic topics including

new figurative paintings entitled Nature Lovers’, Fishermen’, and ‘Sacrificial Fruit’. Over the last 27 years, we have

come to expect paintings with a personal slant, intriguing landscapes populated with products of Adrians

imaginative way of thinking. This exhibition includes a range of large scale oils, and intimate coloured pencil studies,

which demonstrate his drawing skills and the breadth of his imagination.

The works are now available for viewing in the gallery, and on our website. We hope that you will have the

opportunity to visit the exhibition, and possibly consider reviewing it for your publication. Should you require further

information or images, please contact us by email, or at the number below.

Cyril Gerber, Director

New Exhibition – Press Release

Cyril Gerber Fine Art

British Drawings, Paintings & Sculpture

Adrian Wiszniewski, RSA

‘This Foreign Land’

6 – 24 May 2010

Cyril Gerber Fine Art, 148 West Regent Street, Glasgow, G2 2RQ

0141 221 3095,