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Ethel Walker 17th to 28th August

This is Ethel Walker’s long-awaited sixth solo exhibition with Flying Colours Gallery.

Having been showing this artists work since the 1980s, the gallery returns to

Edinburgh (where it originated) for this splendid exhibition, to be held at the Dundas

Street Gallery, 6a Dundas Street Edinburgh EH3 6HZ. Dates are 17th to 28th August.

There is something immediately appealing about Walker

captures the intensity of the Scottish landscape? Or maybe because we see a

continuity with the tradition of Scottish painting? Walker

the romantic paintings of McCulloch and McTaggart which capture the drama and

often violence of the Scottish landscape.

Or perhaps it is Walker

handling of paint? Certainly her landscapes have a sincerity and historical

background while the brushwork is loose and immediate.

Walker captures the quickly changing moods of Scotland, in particular the West

Coast. The viewer feels Walker

of rain in the air conveyed with a real sense of immediacy.

The dates are 17th to 28th August and the opening hours are weekdays 10.30 to 6

and Saturdays 10 to 4. For further information or images please contact Deborah on

020 7351 5558 or Jane at email

s work - is it because she

s vast skies remind us of

s ability to mix traditional subjects with a contemporary

s closeness to nature, the wind on our faces, a hint