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Old Town Hall, Whittaker Avenue, Richmond TW9 1TP

Sumiko Okubo. July 17 - Sep 18 2010

A Poem of the Harvest

Recent works by internationally acclaimed artist Sumiko

Okubo, combining an array of printmaking techniques,

exploring the archetypal themes of the changing seasons,

the elements and the natural world.

Mon/Wed 10-6, Tue/Thur/Fri 10-5, Sat 10-1.30


tel. 020 8831 6000


Highly Accomplished Printmaker from Tokyo

Sumiko Okubo's work is widely published and exhibited in Japan

and abroad. She is a Director of the Japanese Art Society

(Shunyokai) established in 1922 with 600 members.

Initially trained in Tokyo she also studied at the Central School of Art

and Design under Norman Ackroyd (RA) and Chris Orr (RA). While

living in London she exhibited at the Royal Academy and appeared

on BBC television arts programmes, in the Artists Review and in

Concours. She has regularly exhibited her prints and drawings

(collectively called 'A Poem of Nature') in a range of UK and

Japanese galleries.

Since returning to Japan she has established herself as a major

influence in Japanese printmaking. ? Her work is inspired by the

natural world combined with a deep sense of the spiritual.

However her prints are unique in that her traditional Japanese style

is imbued with the western influences she absorbed during her time

in London, all this beautiful work produced by woodblock and


As the noted Tokyo Art Critic Kensuke Tsukada has written of her:

'The modern print techniques and influences she absorbed in

London blend perfectly with the metaphysical world and the

traditional sense of beauty so important in Japanese Art. It is a

lyrical world derived from the luminous and misty style of the Korin


Riverside Gallery, Richmond

Sumiko Okubo's Profile

Born in Tokyo, Japan

Graduated Women's College of Fine Arts (Tokyo)

Worked as a Graphic Designer

1981-'87 Lived in England, '81-83 studied at Sir John Cass College, Morley College

/studied under Terry Greaves, Norman Ackroyd, Chris Orr

1986 Completed Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design S.A.S. Printmaking


Solo and main exhibitions

1984-'09 The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition,'85 The watercolor work was

introduced and interviewed by BBC TV London

Prints & Printmakers from the Royal Academy, '84 Contemporary Art

Exhibition (Aberystwyth art Center, Wales)

1985-'95 Artist Prints at the Royal Festival Hall (Print Maker's Council, London),

Contemporary Art collection (Gallery Regatta, Surrey)

1986 Royal Society of Painter Etcher Engraver

(Bankside Gallery, London) .

Portfolio Members Exhibition of the Kew Studio (Smith's Gallery, London),

Hunting Art Prize Mole Gallery, London), 4 Artists (Ice House Gallery, London),

London Institute Selection of Work ( National Theatre London)

1987 British Modern Prints Exhibition (CCAC Design Center Gallery, San Francisco),

Prints & Ceramics Selection (Wandle Gallery, Surrey)

1988-'06 Shunyokai Art Society Exhibition '92,'94,'95 Scholarship Prize '98

Shikanosuke Oka Prize (Tokyo Metropolitan Museum)

2007-'10 Shunyokai Art Society Exhibition (The National Art Center, Tokyo)

1989 US.UK Print Connection (Barbican Centre, London, New York)

1990 Solo Exhibition (Tokorozawa Seibu Department Store), '90-'08 CWAJ Print Show

(Tokyo American Club)

1991,'93,'95 Solo Exhibition (Tokyo American Club Genkan Gallery), International

Prints Selection (Pacific Art Gallery, Chicago/Miami)

1992-'05 Exhibitions held by Printmaker's Council (Concourse Gallery, Curwen

Gallery, Eastleigh Museum, England, Germany)

1993 Solo Exhibition (Craft Gallery, Ketsuzan, Higashiyamato), Modern Elected Print

Exhibition, Anglo German Exhibition (Concourse Gallery, London,Germany)

1994,'97,'00 Krakow International Print Triennial (Galerie BWA/Pa ac Sztuki,


1996 Basel Modern Art Exhibition-7 Japanische Grafik (Galeria Pierre Rippstein,


1998 '01,'04 Solo Exhibition (YOSEIDO GALLERY, Tokyo), The Works Show (The

Suan Dusit Art Gallery, Bangkok), Aomori Print Grand Prix Competition(Aomori

City Museum Hall, Japan),

1999 Japan Contemporary Art Exhibition (The ChianMai University Art Museum,

Thailand), '01KanaeYamamoto Print Grand Prix Competition (Ueda City

Museum, Japan)


Vietnam-Thailand-Japan Modern Art Exhibition (Funabashi City Gallery,

Tokyo), JDA Workshop & Installation (Park Tower, Tokyo), Contemporary

Japanese Art Exhibition ? (ART BOX GALLERY, Ginza), Fan Exhibition (Gallery

Anri, Nagoya)

Venus: A Centenary Exhibition (Mitsukoshi Department Gallery, Tokyo)

2001 Facon Japon (La Galerie, France), Konoha Gallery Selection of Prints (Galerie

Grand Paris, France/Konoka Gallery,Tokyo)

2002,'05 Solo Exhibition (GALLERY UESTO, Ginza), (Gallery Artpit, Kiryu,Japan)

2003 Shunyo ChianMai University Exhibition (The ChianMai University Art Museum,


2004 4Th Contemporary Artists Exhibition from Japan (Zainul Gallery, Bangladesh,

organized by Chuwa Gallery, Tokyo)

2004,'05 New Prints Exhibition (Gallery Rutan, Tokyo)

2005 Musical images (Gallery Ichimainoe,Tokyo), Asahi A exhibition (Asahi Art

Gallery, Tokyo), 5 Personalities (Ginza Towa Gallery, Tokyo),

2006 Solo Exhibition (ART BOX GALLERY, Tokyo), GARDEN (Gallery Olive Eye,

Tokyo), ART GARDEN (Shinjuku Takashimaya Department Gallery, Tokyo) ,

------Sumiko Okubo's Art Works "A Season of Poems" published by the ART


2007 Solo Exhibition (Gallery Olive Eye, Tokyo)










2009 Solo Exhibition (Gallery So, Kanazawa-city,Japan) (Gallery Olive Eye, Tokyo),

Garden (Gallery Olive Eye, Tokyo)

2009/2010 HORSE Christmas/New Year Group Show(STUDIO SIENKO GALLERY,


Many other group and solo exhibitions


British Museum, Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design

(London), Ogilvy & Mather Advertising (New York)

The ChianMai University Art Museum (Thailand), Imabari-city Yoshiumi

Cultural Center, Imabari,Japan)

Occupation: Printmaker, the Director of the Shunyokai Art Society, the Supervisor

of the Int’l Children’s Painting Competition

of the Environment(UNEP,FGPE), Lecturer at the several art societies

(Elected as the Director of the printmaking Dept. of the Shunyokai Art

Society for 2009-2010)

Member of: The Shunyokai Art Society, The Japan Artists' Association, British Print

Makers Council, JDA Designers Association