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Karine Giannamore - La Galerie London

Karine Giannamore - La Galerie London


An exhibition of photographs by




5 Blenheim Crescent, London W11 2EE (off Portobello Road)

3rd – 8th June 2009 (Wed-Fri 10pm to 6pm/Sat-Sun 10am to 5pm)



"I think that the beautiful is not in itself a substance, but only a drawing of shadows. A simple game of clear-obscure

AllOmbres029.jpgJunichizoTanizaki, Praise of Shadows



And if shadow was the prey, the only one which it is important to capture?

Nancy Barwell's photographic propositions attempt to give shadows their own being and a plastic dignity.

Reality's double, substitutive figure of representation, shadow lies beside the object, thrown down on the ground like a deforming mirror. Never autonomous, it is an obscure and unhappy sister of the image.

But the moment of its outrageousness allows shadow to take its revenge. It worries one with its strangeness. It lies in wait, stalks the silhouette,which cannot escape. It reveals, undresses, and denounces its prey without ever giving up.


Nancy Barwell is a French artist working with photography, painting and drawing. Trained as a psychoanalyst she draws her ideas and artistic concepts from the deep subconscious and from the writings of psychoanalysts or psychiatrists.

Shadows are a beautiful new series of nearly abstract photographs taken in inspirational walking journeys, which became the basis for searching the right balance between image and shadow: the contrasts and the clear-obscure have an intrinsically powerful relationship; shadows are the complementary and opposite of the image. Without shadows and its obscure element, there is no image, there is no light, there is no representation, and there is no art?

Alongside the Shadows will also be shown her series of Laundry; a new concept of photographs and paintings ensemble.


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