Galleries Media Pack - page 4

A listing
in Galleries magazine qualifies
as the most important first step in
promotingan art show or exhibition
is presented in print in up
to 20,000 copies and seen online by
8,000+* ‘unique visitors’ each month.
New shows are posted on twitter and
facebook daily.
a Single listing or a series of
Unchanging or Changing listings may
be booked (example opposite). An entry
in the New Shows Diary, where relevant,
is included, also one mention in the
Specialisation Index
Add Ons:
Artist Index – highlights
artists shown regularly or exclusively by
listed galleries
Extra entries in the Specialisation Index
may also be booked
Press Releases – listed galleries may
also have a press release on the
website – see page 13
for further details
see page 10 for rates
To book
a listingplease
call 020 8237 1180
or email:
Also Available
Online Galleries:
listings for galleries
who trade online only
Art Services:
listings for businesses
providingservices to the art world
Hire Galleries:
listings for galleries
available to hire
* 5 year average
1,2,3 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,...20
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