Cover Image: Natalia Avdeeva, 'Golden Shores' Art galleries in London, Art Galleries in London, Art Galleries in Edinburgh, Art Galleries in Glasgow, Art Galleres in Cardiff
Cover Image: Natalia Avdeeva
'Golden Shores'
Bankside Gallery, London

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    Galleries - May 17  Digital Issue Galleries - 2017 June 17 Digital Issue Being Here . . . em art at JUNE 2017 ART OPENINGS UPCOMING. . . + ALL JUNE OPENINGS BY DATE
    Art galleries in London and the UK
    Art Exhibitions Opening this month
    SATURDAY 17.6.17
    Beyond Caravaggio - Scottish National Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland  
    Cornish Cornucopia - The Chapel Arts,
    Cotswolds, England  
    John Whiting - 35 North Contemporary Fine Art,
    S. Home Counties, England  
    Mayfair Art Tour - Brown's Art Tours,
    New Bond Street, London  
    Ralph Freeman - Campden Gallery,
    Cotswolds, England  
    Russian Art - Posk Gallery,
    S.W. London  
    Shoreham Sculpture Trail - Shoreham Sculpture Trail,
    S. Home Counties, England  
    The Colour of Summer - Cameron Contemporary Art,
    S. Home Counties, England  
    Art Exhibitions Opening this month
    MONDAY 19.6.17
    Chen Li - Début Art & The Coningsby Gallery, Bloomsbury, London  
    Terry Frost - Belgrave St Ives,
    St Ives - Cornwall, England  
    Young Masters - The Cynthia Corbett Gallery,
    S.W. London  
    Young Masters - Gallery 8,
    Trafalgar Square & St James's, London  
    Art Exhibitions Opening this month
    TUESDAY 20.6.17
    Natalia Avdeeva - Bankside Gallery, Bankside, London  
    Natalia Avdeeva - Chelsea Framers Gallery,
    Chelsea & Fulham, London  
    Sally Moore - Martin Tinney Gallery,
    Cardiff, Wales  
    Art Exhibitions Opening this month
    WEDNESDAY 21.6.17
    David Agenjo, Chibuike Uzoma - D Contemporary, New Bond Street, London  
    Art Exhibitions Opening this month
    FRIDAY 23.6.17
    Kim Pragnell, Zara Mcqueen, Alison Bockh - Town Mill Galleries, West Country, England  
    Art Exhibitions Opening this month
    SATURDAY 24.6.17
    David Prentice - John Davies Gallery, Cotswolds, England  
    Frances Hatch, Clare Trenchard, Akiko Hirai - Sladers Yard,
    West Country, England  
    Looking Good - Scottish National Portrait Gallery,
    Edinburgh, Scotland  
    Mixed Exhibition - Fidra Fine Art,
    Scotland, UK  
    Original Artist’s Posters - Sylvester Fine Art,
    Hampstead, London  
    Art Exhibitions Opening this month
    SUNDAY 25.6.17
    Dewi Tudur, David Lloyd Griffith, Susan Kane - Ffin Y Parc Gallery, Wales, UK  
    Art Exhibitions Opening this month
    MONDAY 26.6.17
    Olympia Art and Antiques Fair - Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery, Bloomsbury, London  
    Summer Show - Atkinson Gallery,
    West Country, England  
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    Art Galleries in London
    Goldmark Gallery - Carel Weight - Screenprint
    Fidra Fine Art - Matthew Draper: Small Works. May 20-Jun 18