Galleries - June 2021

June 2021, Galleries enters its 38th year of publication - originally in print and now singly digitally. Against a background of shifting technologies the reach to readers has more arms than ever, via desktops, tablets and smart phones. Each month Galleries brings new art information to buyers and followers of the market. Galleries remains the active place to browse and search for new show openings, events and fairs. Imagery is via social media and through of this digital edition. GALLERIES on the COVER Pippa Ward from the series Bottle Tops - ‘Torrent of Abuse’ The Farnham Pottery, Jamshac Artist Collective. June 26-July 17 The exhibition features work on diverse themes from eco to political, natural world and music; 2 and 3D art Pippa Ward’s artworks often involve the gathering, manipulating and arranging of materials; a combination of natural and man-made materials and objects. looking at the effect they have on each other, and particularly man’s inevitable impact on nature. In recent years Pippa started working with used plastics – bags, bottletops and fishing line … she says ‘all materials and objects that do untold damage to our environment if left to biodegrade on their own. They are disposable and ubiquitous materials that we now have a love/hate relationship with. get in touch. . . •want to list or advertise with Galleries online? We rely on plastics and at times we desire them, even though we know the damage they are causing and will continue to cause. The bottle tops which hang in the gallery, mimicking nature … the tops were once created to attract and appeal; they soon became unwanted and repellant, and then in an artwork they are given a chance to help us question their existence.’ The theme is repeated through much of Pippa’s work