Galleries - January 2020

CHRIS GOLLON: Beyond the Horizon Huddersfield Art Gallery Following his untimely death in 2017, this major solo museum exhibition is a retrospective of Chris Gollon’s paintings partially inspired by music or music lyrics, from those of Bob Dylan, Neil Young, The Beatles, Talk Talk, Yi Yao, Thurston Moore, Jilted John; to those of Eleanor McEvoy, with whom he collaborated in the last 2 years of his life. Spanning 20 years of his work, it shows only paintings related to music, which shed light on Gollon’s interest in ‘boundary crossing’, how one art form can influence another and take it into new areas of thought and feeling. This solo exhibition of Gollon’s major works, will include ‘Einstein & The Jealous Monk (after Bob Dylan)’ pictured opposite, which was acquired in 2005 by Huddersfield Art Gallery for its permanent collection, where it hangs with works by Francis Bacon, Henry Moore, and Walter Sickert. This year, two years after Chris Gollon’s death, IAP Fine Art and the Sleaford Mods embarked on a collaborative film project, entitled FIREWALL. This unique film installation—combining a moving collage of Chris Gollon’s imagery with the Sleaford Mods’ track ‘Firewall’ (Eton Alive album, 2019)—will be shown a first time on 12th October and throughout the duration of the exhibition. The Gollon exhibition is accompanied by a full-colour exhibition catalogue with texts by leading writers available from the museum or the Shop section of . Exhibition is sponsored by Williams & Hill fine art shippers. Chris Gollon official information website: “Easel painting has been declared dead pretty much since easel painting has existed, but at a time when most people relate to imagery through film, painters must find new ways to relate their work to people.” Chris Gollon (from an interview with Philip Clark in Gramophone magazine, 2014)