Galleries - January 2020

With a 35 year record in print of bringing art information to buyers, collectors and followers of the market, Galleries. is now the place to browse and search for the latest shows and events. what’s on the site? If you are reading this you have landed on our Galleries online magazine. Flip through the screen pages using the arrow to find new art shows, some news and press announcements. Go back into the main website and you have national art galleries, businesses and artists listed and indexed in a variety of ways so that you can search for something specific or browse what’s there. daily updates? Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for show openings, what’s happening and art imagery. GALLERIES on the COVER - Neil Macpherson ‘Oh Lucky Man’ , Portal Painters at the London Art Fair - Jan 22-26 The idea for ‘Oh Lucky Man’ comes from a time of superstition when journeys were fraught with difficulty and you would use signs to ensure a safe journey. If the first thing seen is a mouse, you will have a successful but quiet time and return safely. If a rabbit or a hare it will also be successful, but it will be a fast trip. If it is a pig that is the best of all, it will be a very, very rewarding journey (you can use almost every part of a pig). However, if you see -a priest don’t travel that day, start tomorrow. get in touch. . . •want to list or advertise with Galleries online? •want to receive a weekly email with the new shows diary? galleries_mag art_mag galleriesartlist weekly newsletter? Shows opening during the week in an email straight to your inbox – subscribe at