Galleries - October 2019

James Fairgrieve paints acrylic-based still lifes of collected objects often combined with fruit and vegetables. They stem from his interest in collecting and studying objects from the natural world, which equally pays homage to his quiet life in the countryside. Rich and luscious in the manner of Old Dutch Masters, Fairgrieve’s paintings certainly illustrate an abundance of nature. Fairgrieve is a member of the Royal Scottish Academy. INSTAGRAM: most likes in September •James Fairgrieve at Open Eye •‘Ian’s Eggs’ •likes: 29 •impressions: 1.4K •Galleriesmag followers: 1.6K follow Galleries_mag SOCIAL media images & listed new shows posted daily to 10K followers TWITTER: top tweet in September •Tim Rawlinson at London Glassblowing •‘Liquid Light’ •views: 1.1K •likes: 2 •artmag followers: 8.2K •artmag tweet views: 20K follow @art_mag Tim Rawlinson’s fascination with the way light flows through glass manifests itself in all of his work. They are full of colour which in turn is responsible for manipulating the way the light passes through and falls upon it. The refractive qualities of Tim’s work create optical illusions, effects, shadows and reflections that change their environment, creating an expression of light and colour. The exhibition was part of London Glassblowing’s celebrations of 10 years at Bermondsey Street.