Galleries - October 2019

‘Intertwined’ bronze edition 1/5 ‘ Lovers and Leaves ’ ‘ Misty’ 14 x 10 Edition 1/5 32 x 22 x 3 21 x 29 ‘ Garden of Light’ 19 x 15 Glass cast of ‘ Garden of Touch’ Edition 1/5 ‘ Relief Portrait’ plaster cast ‘Sand Girl’ glazed clay ‘ Garden of Touch’ porcelain 48 x 40 x 5 41 x 19 19 x 15 © Shelly Bancroft 2019 Shelly studied figurative art followed by an MA in film directing at the Royal College of Art. She has since worked in the film industry and has now returned to art, in parallel with her film work. Her interest in light and form – through observational drawing, etching and watercolour, has evolved into an enchantment with the line and contour of relief sculpture, and, most recently, casting in glass. She is currently exploring themes around physical intimacy, vitality and memory; representations of touch and interaction, whether they be images of sanctity or passion. She has been using a haptic ‘felt’ technique of indentation on small plaques, to capture moments of presence and form, like footprints in the sand. She recently presented her porcelain relief sculpture of The Resurrection to St. Gabriel’s Anglo-Catholic Church, Pimlico, in the presence of the Bishop of London. She is now working on a new relief depicting Adam and Eve for St. Gabriel’s.