Galleries - November 2018

Ben Uri Gallery & Museum C $QWPFCT[ 4QCF Qʘ #DDG[ 4QCF St John’s Wood, London NW8 0RH Open seven days a week 11am – 5pm Easy parking and many cafés nearby – free parking on weekends. Easy to find, only two miles HTQO /CTDNG #TEJ CPF YKVJ GCU[ CEEGUU D[ $WU QT 6WDG s EJGEM VHN IQX WM RNCP C LQWTPG[ Major Acquisitions and Loans since 2001 +PENWFKPI OCUVGTYQTMU D[ #WGTDCEJ $QODGTI %JCICNN 'RUVGKP )GTVNGT )TQU\ *GTOCP ,QUGRJ .GX[ 4QUGPDGTI 5QWVKPG 6QRQNUMK CPF 9QNOCTM La Soubrette Chaim Soutine, c1933 1% 61$'4 61 &'%'/$'4 Admission £5 Concessions £4 JACOB EPSTEIN [1880-1959] SCULPTURE · DRAWINGS · PAINTINGS On view in Scarborough – exhibition ends 20 December printed catalogue (112 pages) available · 01723 364760 · KEITH CHAPMAN