Galleries - May 2018

75paintings by Monet. until Jul 29. Take One Picture. Until Aug 12. Kids inspired by Pintoricchio’s Penelope with the Suitors. daily10–6, Fri until 9 t 0800 912 6958 I national–gallery t @NationalGallery f TheNationalGallery d PANTER & HALL 11–12 Pall Mall, London SW1Y 5LU Warwick Fuller: Chasing the Light. Until May 18. Recent sun drenched views of Blue Mountains National Park by Australia’s best known contemporary impressionist. Mon–Fri 10–6, Sat byappt t 020 7399 9999 e WEST STREET GALLERY 8 West Street, Seven Dials, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9NG Regular Exhibitions: contemporary oil and watercolour paintings, sculpture, and ceramics. Gerald Bate, Rosemary Eversfield, Steve Fricker, Paul Harber, John Joseph, Kat Joseph. Mon–Fri 11–6 t 07714 535435 a LA GALLERIA PALL MALL 5b Pall Mall, 30 Royal Opera Arcade, London SW1Y 4UY Society of Portrait Sculptors: 54th Open Exhibition. May 14–19. *ad Mon, Tue, Fri 10–5, Wed, Thu 10–7, Sat 10–3 t 01962 860904 b MALL GALLERIES The Mall (nr Trafalgar Square), London SW1 The RoyalSociety of Portrait Painters: Annual Exhibition. May 10–25. Celebrating the very best in contemporary portraiture nationally and internationally. daily10–5, until 7 on May15 & 22 t 020 7930 6844 I mallgalleries t @mallgalleries f mallgalleries c THE NATIONAL GALLERY Trafalgar Square, London WC2N 5DN Murillo: The Self Portraits. Until May 21. Tacita Dean: Still Life. Until May 28. Still life through the lens of Tacita Dean. The Credit Suisse Exhibition: Monet and Architecture – K I N G ST M A RSHA L L S T C O CK SP U R S T N O RTH UMBER LA N D A VE . OL D COMP TO N S T OU B EA K S T R EG E N T J E R MYN STREET CARLTON HSE. TER. H A Y M A R K E T W HI T E HA L L THE MA L L P A L L M A L L B E D F O R D S T FL O R A L S T E AL S T L L S T R E E T S A I N T M A R T I N 'S LA N E S H EL TO N ST BOW S TRE D R U R G R E A T Q U CR OSS R D FRITH ST R E E K S T N S T R E E T OUR STREET W I C K STRE E T L EX I NGT O N S T OL AN D C H A R I N G C R O S S R O A D B REWER ST L O N G A C R E T S H A F T E S B U R Y A V E S T R A N D S H A F T E S B P I C C A D I L L Y V I C T O R I A E M B A N K M S T Covent Garden ccadilly Circus Leicester Square Charing Cross Embank Trafalgar Square d b c e a MAP 22 LONDON TRAFALGAR SQ MAY 2018 GALLERIES 35 There is a marvellously poetic contradiction in Josie Spencer’s new sculpture show at T he Playground Theatre, her nine shimmering life size figures cast in a silvery bronze, while implicit with corporeal weight, are suspended by invisible wires that make them appear almost weightless as they float, dive, fly and run across and against a void. Entitled 'Murmuration', as in those astonishing flights of birds at dusk, now understood zoologically as flights of fear, with each bird acting out of fear for its own safety at a perceived threat and with no central communication, they raise all sorts of questions about the isolation and helplessness of the individual within society, and for that reason alone, at a moment when once again the world seems poised on the edge of some terrifying abyss of war, they are also intensely political. NU THUMB nail Josie Spencer ‘Escaping’ Rachel Gracey ‘South-South West’ Zuleika Gallery (see listing on facing page)