Galleries - March 2018

MARCH 2018 GALLERIES 11 HenriMatisse: Original Print Collection. Mar 22–May 5. Ruth Shelley: New Glass Collection. Mar 22–May 5. Tue–Sat 10.30–5.30 t @TENedinburgh f gallerytenedinburgh h OPEN EYE GALLERY 34 Abercromby Place, Edinburgh EH3 6QE Elaine Pamphlion: Paintings. Until Mar 12. Christopher Marvell: Sculptures. Until Mar 12. Cate Inglis: Grey Areas. Until Mar 10. Mon–Fri 10–6, Sat 10–4 t 0131 557 1020 I openeyegallerye t @openeyegallerye i THE SCOTTISH GALLERY 16 Dundas Street, Edinburgh EH3 6HZ Earl Haig: Centenary. Mar 7–31. *ad Ruth Leslie: Just Lines. Mar 7–31. Nancy Sutcliffe: The Fabulous Beasts Club. Mar 7–31. Ann Oram: New Paintings from the Studio. Mar 7–31. Mon–Fri 10–6, Sat 10–4 t 0131 558 1200 I scottishgallery t @scottishgallery f scottishgallery j SCOTTISH NATIONAL GALLERY The Mound, Edinburgh EH2 2EL t 0131 624 6200 k SCOTTISH NATIONAL GALLERY OF MODERN ART 75/73 Belford Road, Edinburgh EH4 3DR A New Era. Until Jun 10. t 0131 624 6200 l SCOTTISH NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY 1 Queen Street, Edinburgh EH2 1JD When We Were Young: Portraits of Children from NGS. Until Apr 29. t 0131 624 6200 m THE SUTTON GALLERY 18a Dundas Street, Edinburgh EH3 6HZ Specialising in modern British and European art at affordable prices. Tue–Sat 11–5 t 0131 557 4810 MAP 3 SCOTLAND EDINBURGH d CHRISTIE’S 5 Wemyss Place, Edinburgh EH3 6DH Fine Art Auctioneers. Mon–Fri 9–5 t 0131 225 4756 e DOVECOT GALLERY 10 Infirmary Street, Edinburgh EH1 1LT Garry Fabian Miller: Voyage. Until May 7. A new tapestry created in collaboration with Dovecot Tapestry Studio. Mon–Sat 10.30–5.30, free admn Built in Tapestry: Dovecot Tapestries and Architecture. Until Mar 17. Tapestry projects from the history of Dovecot Tapestry Studio. Baths to Bobbins: 10 years at Infirmary Street. From Mar 29. Celebrating 10 years of weaving in the Infirmary Street Baths. Mon–Fri 12–3, Sat 10.30–5.30 free admn t 0131 550 3660 f THE FRUITMARKET GALLERY 45 Market Street, Edinburgh EH1 1DF Lee Lozano: Slip, Slide, Splice. Mar 10–Jun 3. Paintings, drawings, conceptual works and some notes and ephemera that have only just come to light, let us all share in the thinking of this most radical of artists. daily 11–6 t 0131 225 2383 I fruitmarketgallery t @fruitmarket f fruitmarketgallery g GALLERY TEN 5 William Street, Edinburgh EH3 7NG Alison Stewart: Painting and Collage works. Until Mar 17. DUNDASSTREET DAVIDSTREET S TV IN CE NTST CH A RLOT T EST G L E NF INL AS S T YOUNG STRE ET GEORGE STREET ROSESTREET PRINCESSTREET Q U E E N ST R E ET H E RIOTR O W G REA T KIN GST C UM B ER LA N DS T Q UEENS F E RRYST L E I T H W A L K B R O U GHTON S T U N IO N S T E. L O ND ON ST LON DON S T FE T TE SR OW N ORTHUMBERLA ND S T Y OR K PL ACE LOND O R O Y A L T E MA R KET S TREET P L E A S A N C ES T L E ON A R C A N D L E M A K E R R O L O T H I A N R O A D MANOR P LA C E M E LVILLEST W I LL I A M S T S H AN D W I C K P LAC E P L A C E A I N S L I E P L A C E M O R A Y H E N D E RS O N R O W N I C OLS O N S T S O U T H B R I D G E C O W G A TE HO L Y R E G E N T R O A D HIGH ST R EET T H E M O U N D C A S T L E T E R R A C E B R E A D S T R E E T G R A S S M A R K E T RAE B UR N PL A CE C I R C U S R O Y A L S T S T E P H E N S S T A B E R C R O M B Y P L REGENT GARDENS PRINCES ST GARDENS CASTLE P AL M ERS T O N PL B E L F O R D R O A D HA Y M A R KET T ER R AC E COM E L Y B A NK AVE H R D D E A N P A TH Q U E E N S F E R R Y R O A D R A V E I S T O N T E R C RE W E R O A D S OUT H G NFI LASST C B E RLAN S T UN I O N S T . L O ND O NS T D . S T P L A C E I N E S O Y N S T R P L C HA R L OT TE S T D A ST R ET E AT KING ST Q U E ENS F E R S T N O M B ERLAND S T YORK PL C O G AT E M AN O R P C E B R O U G H T O N ST O U N G S TR EE T GEO R GE ST R E E T R O S E STREET PRI E STREET QUE N ET E R IOT R OW F E TTE S R O W L ON O YA L M A RKE T S T P L E A S A N CE S G E O R G E I V B R L O T H I A N R O A D M E L ILL E S T W I L L I A M S T MO R RIS O N S T S H AN DW ICK PL ACE HE N D E R S N R O W H O LY R W A T E L O O P HIGH TR E ET C T H E U N D J O H N S T O N T E R R A C E B R E A D S T G R A S S M A R K T RA E BURN P L L E I T H W A L K N I C L S N O R T H B R I D G E D UN D A S 1 m c g b e f h k d i a k j l Waverley a &GALLERY 17 Dundas Street, Edinburgh EH3 6QG Jeffrey Cortland Jones and Michael Craik. Mar 3–24. An exhibition of reductive abstraction painting. Bringing together two artists; Jeffrey Cortland Jones from Ohio, USA and Michael Craik from Scotland who both share the same interest in minimal painting. Tue–Fri 10–5, Sat 10–4 t 07711 285545 t @andgallery_ f b ARUSHA GALLERY 13A Dundas Street, Edinburgh EH3 6QG Jannica Honey: When The Blackbird Sings. Mar 2–25. Swedish photographer Jannica Honey explores the links between nature and the female body, in outdoors portraits taken on every new and full moon over the course of a year. Mon–Sat 10–5, Sun 1–5 t 0131 557 1412 I ArushaGallery t @ArushaGallery f arushagallery c BIRCH TREE GALLERY 23A Dundas Street, Edinburgh EH3 6QQ Spring Mixed Show. Mar 15–Apr 8. Original prints, collages, ceramics, glass and sculptural works by the artists new to the gallery. Birch Tree Gallery focuses on fine crafts and works on paper with roots in nature. Tue–Fri 11–6, Sat 10–4 t 0131 556 4000 I birchtreegalleryedinburgh f BirchTreeGallery