Galleries - June 2018

ilhelmina Barns-GrahamTrust sponsors ilhelmina Barns-Graham Sea, Rock, Earth and Ice Exhibition at Jerwood Gallery, Hastings &( th June–* th October '%&+ e Art of Collecting Art and Artist Trusts & Foundations Exhibition at Mall Galleries, London including works fromWilhelmina Barns-GrahamTrust ') th June–) th July '%&+ e Kitchen SinkToo:Voices fromArtists ’ Lives Michael Bird: ilhelmina Barns-GrahamTrust Annual Lecture Lecture at Mall Galleries, London Wednesday '* th June at ).(%pm - Promoting the achievements of th century artist Wilhelmina Barns-Graham and assisting individuals fulfil their potential in art From the sublime to the an exhibition about the landscape 6 - 30 June 2018 concrete