Galleries - August 2018

exhibition dedicated to Thomas Cole. daily 10–6, Fri until 9 t 0800 912 6958 I national–gallery t @NationalGallery f TheNationalGallery d PANTER & HALL 11–12 Pall Mall, London SW1Y 5LU Oona Campbell: Walls and Falls. Until Aug 10. New paintings ofthe North Yorkshire landscape. Ian Hargreaves: Home & Away. Until Aug 10. Images ofVenice, London and Istanbul. Mixed Show. Until Aug 28. Works by a selection ofthe gallery’s favourite artists. Mon–Fri 10–6, Sat by appt t 020 7399 9999 e WEST STREET GALLERY 8 West Street, Seven Dials, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9NG Regular Exhibitions: contemporary oil and watercolour paintings, sculpture, and ceramics. Gerald Bate, Rosemary Eversfield, Steve Fricker, Paul Harber, John Joseph, Kat Joseph. Mon–Fri 11–6 t 07714 535435 a LA GALLERIA PALL MALL 5b Pall Mall, 30 Royal Opera Arcade, London SW1Y 4UY b MALL GALLERIES The Mall (nr Trafalgar Square), London SW1 Hesketh Hubbard Art Society: Annual Exhibition. Aug 14–19. Showcasing the work that the members produce at their weekly two hour life drawing sessions. Life Class. Aug 24. Life Class. Aug 25. daily 10–5, clo 1 on last day t 020 7930 6844 I mallgalleries t @mallgalleries f mallgalleries c THE NATIONAL GALLERY Trafalgar Square, London WC2N 5DN Take One Picture. Until Aug 12. Kids inspired by Pintoricchio’s Penelope with the Suitors. Ed Ruscha: Course ofEmpire. Until Oct 7. A modern take on the cyclical nature ofcivilisation. Thomas Cole: Eden to Empire. Until Oct 7. First UK K I N G ST C O CK SP U R S T N O RTH UMBER LA N D A VE . OL D COMP TO N S T R EG E N T ARLTON HSE. TER. H A Y M A R K E T W HI T E HA L L THE MA L L L L M A L L B E D F O R D S T FL O R A L S T S T R E E T S A I N T M A R T I N 'S LA N E S H EL TO N ST BOW S TREET A L D W Y C H D R U R Y L A N E G R E A SS R D H ST K S T R E E T R STREET K STRE E T T O N S T C H A R I N G C R O S S R O A D L O N G A C R E W AY S H A F T E S B U R Y A V E S T R A N D W A T E R L O O B S H A F T V I C T O R I A E M B A N K M E N T Covent Garden s Leicester Square Charing Cross Embankment Trafalgar Square d b c e a MAP 22 LONDON TRAFALGAR SQ AUGUST 2018 GALLERIES 35 John Walsom plein air painting The Fountain Gallery (see listng on map 16)