Galleries - April 2018

38 GALLERIES APRIL 2018 MAP 23 LONDON BLOOMSBURY & FITZROVIA a CONTEMPORARY CERAMICS CENTRE 63 Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3BF Gunilla Maria Åkesson, Jussi Ojala, Maria Kristofersson: Northern Lights. Apr 12–May 12. Northern Lights brings together three Scandinavian makers, Gunilla Maria Åkesson coiled vessels, the volcanic glazes of Jussi Ojala and Maria Kristofersson constructed forms. Mon–Sat 10.30–6 t 020 7242 9644 t @ceramicscentre f ContemporaryCeramics b DÉBUT ART & THE CONINGSBY GALLERY 30 Tottenham Street, London W1T 4RJ Sam Falconer: Deep Time. Apr 9–20. Illustrations inspired by key moments in the history of the universe, life and human development. Views from the Ends of the Earth: A Photographic Journey Into Unknown Patagonia. Apr 23–27. Photographs exploring wild South America by seven travel and nature photographers, in partnership with Australis. Mon–Fri 9–6 t 020 7636 7478 I coningsbygallery t @ConingsbyG f The-Coningsby-Gallery c ENITHARMON EDITIONS 10 Bury Place, Bloomsbury, WC1A 2JL Originalworks from Peter Blake, Michael Craig-Martin, Jim Dine, Gilbert & George, David Hockney, Duane Michals, Victor Pasmore and Paula Rego. Artists’ Books, Original Prints, Poetry, Literary Editions. see website for opening times t 020 7430 0844 d THE FRAMERS GALLERY 36 Windmill Street, London W1T 2JT e GALLERY DIFFERENT 14 Percy Street, Fitzrovia, London W1T 1DR Easter Exhibition. Until Apr 3. Nights at Different. Apr 6–14. Open evenings only with a range of events – please see website for details. Mark Dziewulski: Layers of Self. Solo exhibition. How do we really see each other? New work and work featured at the Venice Biennale 2017. Fresh Art Fair Cheltenham Racecourse. Stand 40. Apr 27–29. See this month’s art fair feature. see website for opening hours t 020 7637 3775 t @G–Different f galleryDifferent f OCTOBER GALLERY 24 Old Gloucester Street, London WC1N 3AL Portal. Until May 5. Includes works by Greg Dunn, Rafael Trelles, Rithika Merchant, Pablo Amaringo, Chewang Dorje Lama and Ralo Mayer. Using the twin prisms of art and science, Portal examines the gateways of human consciousness. Tue–Sat 12.30–5.30 t 020 7242 7367 I octobergallery t @octoberlondon f octobergalleryholborn g STORE STREET GALLERY 32 Store Street, London WC1E 7BS h WOOLFF GALLERY 89 Charlotte Street, London W1T 4PU Kristin McGuire and Davy McGuire: video installation exhibition. Until Apr 14. Please contact the gallery for more information. Keith Haynes: Solo show. Apr 19–May 12. Vinyl records repurposed to create maps and portraits. Mon–Fri 10.30–6, Sat 11–5 t 020 7631 0551 I woolffgallery t @woolffgallery f woolffgallery OL D G LO U C E ST ER S T OR M OND ST GU I L FORD ST R EET G T S T J A M E S S T R E D L I O N B E D F O R D S Q U A R E BED FO RD P L BLO O MSBURY M U SE U M LIN CO L N' S I N N K IN G S WA Y BE RN ER S S T N E W M A N S T R E E T OX FORD ST R EET N E W OX F ORD ST R E ET HO LB O RN WI ND MI L L CH E N IES B Y N G P L A C E BEDFORD WAY S Q UA RE RU SS ELL M ONT A GU E S T R EET MA L ET S T REET S T O R E S T MA P L E ST R E ET WH IT FI E LD STRE E T HOWLAND ST G RA F TO N WAY T O T T E N HA M M ORTIMER S T G OO D GE S T R A T H B O N E P L C L E V E L A N D S T GT. TITCHFIELD S T G RE AT R US SEL L S T TOTTE N HAM C OURT R O A D G OWE R STREET M ON TAGUE P L S OUTHAMP TO N R O W T H E O B A L D S R O A D L A M B'S C O N D U I T S T RE D LION ST ST R OW BRITISH MUSEUM UNIVERSITY OF LONDON G R T . ST BEDFORD SQUARE S T W A Y EA S T C AS TLE ST P ORT L A ND P L R E G E N T S T D GLO U C E STE R ST GT OR ON D ST R I B E D F O R D R O W B E DF O RD PL M E U M L I L 'S IN FI E L D S WI N D MIL L C HE N I ES ST T TTE N HA M ST ST T P E R C Y C H A R L O T T E AR E U S E L O N T A G UE STRE ET ST E ST HO L N D ST M O N T AG U P R A T RUS ELL ST GUILFORD STREET G T S T J A M E T O S BU R Y G S B E R N ER S ST N E W M A N S T B N L C E ED F O R D W A Y MAL ET STR EE T E T W HI TFIELD S T R E T F T N A Y I ER ST G O E C H A R L O T T E S T OWER STR ET PLACE SOUTHAMPTON R W T H E O B A L D S R O A D L A M B'S C O ND IT LI O N ST CLEVELAND STREET G T. TITCHFIELD ST G REAT PORTLAND ST R EET XFORD S TRE ET NE W OXFO R D STRE E T HOLBOR N TO TTE N HA M CO U R T R O AD E U S TO IVERSI O UCL Tottenham Court Rd Russell Sq Holborn Goodge St Warren St g f e d c b a h