7ZR ÁRRUV RI H[FHSWLRQDO JDOOHU\ VSDFH DYDLODEOH IRU KLUH WR J HW K HU RU VHSDUDWHO \ Minutes from Tate Modern, Borough Market and The Shard - No commission - 3,000/1,500 sq ft Free Website Listing - Mailing List Promotion Competitive Rates - Student subsidies PDLO#PHQLHUJDOOHU \ FR XN 6RXWKZDUN 6WUHHW /RQGRQ 6( 58 ZZZ PHQLHUJDOOHU \ FR XN Contemporary exhibition galleries available to hire, in a landmark London location · Choice of three galleries; hire independently or collectively · No commission charges on art sales · Exhibition support and technical advisory · Bespoke lighting · Evening Private View · Listings · PA system and WiFi Mall Galleries, The Mall, London SW1 Contact us for further information: 020 7968 0953 or Exhibition and Fair Hire Installation shot of Contemporary Perspectives on Printmaking 2017, Copyright Tim Hall Photography