34 GALLERIES DECEMBER 2017 MAP 22 LONDON BLOOMSBURY & FITZROVIA a CONTEMPORARY CERAMICS CENTRE 63 Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3BF Gifted 2017. Until Dec 30. Choose special gifts from a beautiful selection of original, handmade ceramics available throughout December. Mon–Sat 10.30–6 t 020 7242 9644 t @ceramicscentre f ContemporaryCeramics b DÉBUT ART & THE CONINGSBY GALLERY 30 Tottenham Street, London W1T 4RJ Latif AlAni: Photography. Dec 4–16. The Ruya Foundation presents photographs by the founding father of Iraqi photography, 1950s–1970s. Constellation. Dec 18–23. The SE1 Artists’ Group presents eight artists’ work – paintings, prints and sculpture. Mon–Fri 9–6 t 020 7636 7478 t @ConingsbyG f The-Coningsby-Gallery c ENITHARMON EDITIONS 10 Bury Place, Bloomsbury, WC1A 2JL Originalworks from Peter Blake, Michael Craig-Martin, Jim Dine, Gilbert & George, David Hockney, Duane Michals, Victor Pasmoreand Paula Rego. Artists’ Books, Original Prints, Poetry, Literary Editions. see website for opening times t 020 7430 0844 d THE FRAMERS GALLERY 36 Windmill Street, London W1T 2JT Henry Miller Fine Art: An exhibiton focusing on the male form. Dec 4–16. *pr *ad A curated collection of works by artists including Keith Vaughan, Richard Hamilton, Duncan Grant and Michael Leonard. See also Online Galleries page. t 020 8509 2044 m 07769 700290 e GALLERY DIFFERENT 14 Percy Street, Fitzrovia, London W1T 1DR Were We Ever Here. Until Dec 2. Featuring Nian Xu, Ziwei Ye, Yanjun Yu, Yudong Zhang and Lingzhi Zhu. Different Again. Dec 12–Jan 6. A collectiveof paintings, drawings, sculptureand prints by OL D G LO U CE S T E R S T OR M OND ST GU I L FORD ST R EET G T S T J A M E S S T R E D L I O N B E D F O R D S Q U A R E BED FO RD P L BLOOMSBUR Y M U SE U M LIN CO L N' S I N N K IN G S W A Y BE RN ER S S T N E W M A N S T R E E T O XFORD ST R EE T N E W OX F O RD STREET HO L BORN WI ND MI L L CH E N IES B Y N G P LA C E BEDFORD WA Y S Q U A R E RU SS E L L M ONT A G U E ST R E ET MA L ET S T REET S T O R E S T MA P L E ST R E ET WH IT FI E LD STRE E T HOWLAND ST G RA FTON W A Y T O T TEN H AM M ORTIMER S T G OO D GE S T R A T H B O N E P L C L E V E L A N D S T G T . TITC H FIELD S T G RE AT RUSS ELL S T TOTTENHA M C O URT RO AD G OWE R STREET M ON TAG U E P L S OUTHAMP TO N R O W T H E O B A L D S R O A D L A M B'S C O N D U I T S T RE D LION ST ST R OW BRITISH MUSEUM UNIVERSITY OF LONDON G R T . ST BEDFORD SQUARE S T W A Y EA S T C AS T LE ST P ORT L A ND P L R E G E N T S T GL OU C E S TER S T G T O R M O ND ST E B E D F O R D R O W A B DF O RD PL M L OL 'S IN FI E L D S WI N D MIL L HE N I ES ST T TTE NHA M S T ST T P E R C Y C H A R LO T T E S A RE EL O N T AG U E S T R E E T ST RE HO L N D ST M O N T A G U P G A T RUS ELL S T GUILFORD STREET G T S T J A M B UR Y B E R N ER S S N E W M A N S T B Y L A E ED F O R D WA Y MAL ET STR E T R E T W HI TFIELD S T R EET N W A Y IM R ST OODG C H A R L O T T E S T WER STREET PLACE SOUTHAMPTON R W T H E O B A L D S R O A D L A M B'S C O NDUIT E D I O N ST Y CLEVELAND STREET GT . TIT CH FIELD S T G REAT PORTLAND S T REE T F O R D S T R EE T N EW OX F O R D S TREET HOLBOR N TO TTEN H AM CO U RT R OAD E U S TO I I Y S UCL Tottenham Court Rd Russell Sq Holborn Goodge St Warren St g f e d c b i a h Barbara Hepworth The Sculptor in the Studio by SophieBowness, TatePublishing £14.99 An absorbing story of art being an extension of the environment, and the environment being an inspiration for theartist, Barbara Hepworth found that her St Ives studio (also her home) and garden were totally central to her work and life. She bought Trewyn Studio at auction in 1949 describing it as “all I desire to developmy work and give me peace.” It went on to nurture her sculptural evolution over the next 25 years to her death when, according to her wishes, it was given to the Tate Gallery as amuseumand sculpture garden withmany pieces still as she placed them. This is a fascinating record written by her granddaughter and generously illustrated with archival photographs – mostly black and white, an atmospheric reminder of the era – based on personal correspondence and family memories. M T BOOK review