24 GALLERIES DECEMBER 2017 ? ANTHONY HEPWORTH FINE ART DEALERS Dealers in Modern British & Contemporary Painting & Sculpture. We also specialise in the work of Keith Vaughan 1912-1977 and exhibit Tribal Art, ceramics and furniture. by apptin Dec t01225 447480 m 07970 480650 a AXLE ARTS Leighton Road, Bath BA1 4NF Peter Ford RWA RE: New Work. Through Dec. Peter Ford incorporates handmade paper pulp into his practice, casting natural forms and printing from everyday objects. Multi-layered, his work is complex and presents a fascinating view into an otherwise secret world. Mon–Sat10–5 by apptt01225 461230 t @axle–arts f axlearts b BEAUX ARTS BATH 12/13 YorkStreet, Bath BA1 1NG adjacent to Bath Abbey Jo Barrett: Still Life Paintings. Until Dec 24. Small works for Christmas. Until Dec 24. Including Varsha Bhatia, Patrick Haines, Donald MacDonald, GE ORG E S T T H E C I R C U S C H U R C H S T S U T T O N S T M O N M O U T H S T D GAY S T REE T G R E A T P U L T E N E Y S B R I D G E S T WE S T G A T E S T J A M E S S T Y O R K S T W EST S T J U L I A N R O A D MI LS OM S T C L E V E L A N D B R . B A T H W L O N D O N R O A D - A 4 O A D W A L C O T S T L O N D O N S T N O R T H P A R A D E R O Y A L A V E N U E HENRIETTA PARK GREEN PK STATION a b e d c f g Nathan Ford, Anna Gillespie, Christopher Marvell and Pieter Vanden Daele. Ceramics by Jane Muir. Mon–Sat10–5, free admn t 01225 464850 t @beauxartsbath f Beaux-Arts-Bath c BONHAMS Queen Square House, Charlotte Street, Bath BA1 2LL Fine Art Auctioneers and Valuers. t01225 788988 d DAVID SIMON CONTEMPORARY 4 Bartlett Street, Bath BA1 2QZ Mixed Winter Exhibition. Dec 1–24. Paintings, ceramics, sculpture including by David Brayne RWS, Julia Cooper, Lydia Corbett, Chloe Holt, Stephen Lavis, Jill Leman PRWS, Ben Lowe, Jackie Philip, Mike Service, Yuta Segawa and Keith Varney. Mon–Sat10–6, Wed 2–6 t01225 460189 t @davidsimontweet f davidsimoncontemporary e GALLERY NINE 9B Margarets Buildings, Bath BA1 2LP f LANE HOUSE ARTS 5 Nelson Place East, Bath BA1 5DA Wed–Fri 10–5.30, Sat10.30–6 & by apptt07767 498403 t @LaneHouseArts f LaneHouseArts g NICK CUDWORTH GALLERY 5 London Street, Bath BA1 5BU top of Walcot Street Monthly exhibitions of paintings and prints by NickCudworth reflecting his interest in music and landscape, specialising in paintings of Bath and surrounding area. Nick paints in his studio to the rear of the gallery and is available to discuss his work with visitors. Tue–Sat10–5 t01225 445221 m 07968 047639 MAP 13 ENGLAND BATH Cézanne Portraits by John Elderfield, Mary Morton, Xavier Rey, Jayne Warman and Alex Danchev, National Portrait Gallery Publications £35/£24.95 With John Elderfield’s fine, tautly written introduction, this superb, gorgeously illustrated catalogue surveys Cézanne’s lifetime portraiture (160 portraits of more than 1,000 paintings). Including the early series of visceral, viscous, palette-knife portraits of Uncle Dominique; Madam Cézanne in a Red Armchair (c.1877), masterful portrayal of intimate stillness – radical art historical break through painting; portraits of farm hands, workmen, domestic servants, ‘mobile but come to rest’ in D H Lawrence’s apt term; self-portraits of raw yet sensitive acuity; late portraits of gardener Vallier, in which dignified human presence is miraculously inextricable from surrounding natural beauty. P hilip Vann BOOK review