Galleries magazine - page 45

To show your work in a London
gallery is the ultimate aim of
many young British artists. With
the exponential growth of the
gallery system in recent years
that might not seem so hard to
achieve but the truth is most of
that expansion is coming from
international gallerists, often with
little real interest in the local
scene. All of which makes what
New Artist Fair
does (9to
11 September at The Old
Truman Brewery, London)
particularly useful and
interesting. First established in
2011, their basic premise is that
the Fair is open to any artist still
in the first 10 years of making art
or establishing themselves in
London. Once selected they
take a stand at a modest fixed
fee and then retain 85 percent of
sales thereafter – and no
commission at all for website,
commissioned work or later
sales. Meanwhile from the art
collectors’ point of view there is
the huge advantage that not
only are prices pegged to a
maximum of £2,000 but there
are no full scale gallery
commission fees either. With an
excellent marketing programme
thrown in with the stand fee, not
to mention the big exposure all
the artists get (right on bustling
Brick Lane) everyone here
would seem to be a winner.
clockwise from top right, work by:
va Trabszo,
Leah Michelle, Hannah Wehbeh
Ash Michelle, Diego Farneti, Nicola Hyslop
Vincent Kamp, Catarina Rao
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