Galleries - October 2016

a LA GALLERIA PALL MALL 5b Pall Mall, 30 Royal Opera Arcade, London SW1Y 4UY Young Masters Exhibition. Oct 2–8. *ad The fourth edition launches with a call for artists and an exhibition. A not-for-profit initiative for artists who homage to the skill and innovation of the Old Masters and art of the past. Organised by The Cynthia Corbett Gallery –see London South & West map. daily 11–7 & by appt t 07939 085076 b MALL GALLERIES The Mall (nr Trafalgar Square), London SW1 Hamish Mackie: Life in Bronze 2016. Oct 10–22. *ad Triennial exhibition of over 50 new works by internationally acclaimed sculptor, Hamish Mackie. The Goodman’s Field Andalusian Stallion is displayed outside The British Council during the exhibition. Royal Society of Marine Artists: Annual Exhibition. Until Oct 8. Trevor Chamberlain and Bert Wright. 70 Painting Years. Oct 17–22. Society of Wildlife Artists: The Natural Eye. Oct 28–Nov 6. Annual exhibition of painting, drawing and sculpture all inspired by wildlife. daily 10–5, clo at 1 on exhibitions’ last days t 020 7930 6844 t @mallgalleries f mallgalleries K I N G ST C O CK SP U R S T N O RTH UMBER LA N D A VE . OL D COMP TO N S T R EG E N T STREET CARLTON HSE. TER. H A Y M A R K E T W HI T E HA L L THE MA L L P A L L M A L L B E D F O R D S T FL O R A L S T E AL S T L S T R E E T S A I N T M A R T I N 'S LA N E S H EL TO N ST BOW S TREET A L D W D R U R Y L A N E G R E A T Q R OSS R D RITH ST E E K S T S T R E E T OUR STREET W I C K STRE E T L EX I NGT O N S T AN D C H A R I N G C R O S S R O A D WER ST L O N G A C R E S H A F T E S B U R Y A V E S T R A N D W S H A F T E S A D I L L Y V I C T O R I A E M B A N K M E N T Covent Garden Circus Leicester Square Charing Cross Embankment Trafalgar Square d a b c e MAP 28 LONDON TRAFALGAR SQUARE OCTOBER 2016 GALLERIES 53 c THE NATIONAL GALLERY Trafalgar Square, London WC2N 5DN Beyond Caravaggio. Oct 12–Jan 15. Darkness, light and drama –explore the influence of one of art’s most infamous and revolutionary figures. George Shaw – My Back to Nature. Until Oct 30. Free exhibition unveiling new art work inspired by the collection. Maíno’s Adorations – Heaven on Earth. Until Jan 29. Two outstanding masterpieces by Spanish painter Maíno, on display in the UK for the first time. daily 10–6, Fri until 9 t 0800 912 6958 t @NationalGallery f NationalGallery d PANTER & HALL 11–12 Pall Mall, London SW1Y 5LU Susan Ryder: Lamplight and Flowers. Oct 6–21. This solo show allows for total immersion in the artist’s work. Donald MacDonald. Oct 13–28. Recent paintings exploring the fascinating world of his ‘paper people’. Johan de Fre. Mixed Fruit. Oct 27–Nov 11. The Belgian painter’s most recent collection of exquisitely painted still lifes. Mon–Fri 10–6, Sat by appt t 020 7399 9999 e WEST STREET GALLERY 8 West Street, Seven Dials, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9NG Regular Exhibitions: contemporary oil and watercolour paintings, sculpture, and ceramics. Sarah Burgess, Gerald Bate, Rosemary Eversfield, John Joseph, Kat Joseph, Paul Harber. Mon–Fri 11–6 t 07714 535435 From dung beetles to tigers, moles to giraffes, horses to the human body, there is, seemingly, nothing that sculptor Hamish Mackie is not prepared to take on, his astonishing energy in tackling a vast range of wildlife and human subjects being reflected in his very particular ability to capture in bronze the intense, dynamic sense of life and movement particular to each. His new show at the Mall Galleries, entitled ‘Life in Bronze 2016 Triennial Exhibition’, seems almost more like a retrospective than the outcome of just three years of work but, in that time, Mackie has done research trips to India, Australia and Africa as well as completing a truly massive commission of galloping horses for a new London development, and all find their place here –a masterly modern animalier. NU THUMB nail Hamish Mackie ‘Tiger’