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There are many questions
directed at new art fairs . . .
co-founder of Fresh:
Anthony Wardle, has the
What’s fresh about Fresh?
“Well, quite a lot. Most
important is that Fresh: is
the first major contemporary
art fair in the Heart of
England. There are no major
fairs between London and
Manchester, nothing serving
Birmingham nor the
populous and prosperous
Cotswolds. There are ten
county towns and cities, and
5.4 million people within an
easy drive of Cheltenham.
Half a million flock to its
Literature, Music and Racing
Festivals each year. It’s time
art lovers in or near this
region had an Art Fair of
their own.”
At the Racecourse?
art fairs are in city centres so
it’s either public transport or
parking problems.
Cheltenham Racecourse is
a fantastic venue less than
ten minutes off the M5with
10,000 free parking spaces.
If you buy a painting or two
you just put them in the boot
of your car and drive away.
And before you ask, there’s
no racing.”
Who is Fresh: for?
the possible exception of
the super-rich, Fresh: is for
everyone, for all tastes and
for all budgets. It’s for
people who buy art to live
with and to give lasting
pleasure. It’s for people who
collect art for the love of it,
with a discerning eye for an
asset. And it’s for people
who may be new to art who
can sometimes find visiting
galleries a little intimidating
or who simply lack the time
to drive around half a dozen
of them when they can visit
Fresh: and see 45in a
couple of hours.”
What can they expect?
“The unexpected. There are
too many art fairs with the
same exhibitors showing the
same work. Fresh: will host
some of Britain’s best
galleries that choose not to
exhibit widely at art fairs.
We’ll also host some of the
best of the UK and overseas
art fair regulars. Frequent
fair visitors can expect to
see fresh faces. New visitors
can expect a fascinating
experience, a warm
welcome and a relaxed way
to see and buy art.”
What about Bonhams?
“People will come to Fresh:
to buy contemporary art but
they may also have a couple
of old paintings they’d like to
sell. Through our
partnership with Bonhams
they can bring up to three
old paintings or sculpture –
early 20th century or earlier –
and get a free valuation from
Bonhams’ experts. It’s easy.
They can make room on
their walls for more
contemporary art and they
may even find they have a
treasure in the attic.”
The last word?
“Should go
to a Gallery.”
It’s the first time we’ve been
tempted to do a provincial
art fair in years
Mathew Hall, Panter & Hall,
A breath of Fresh
Yuriy Ibragimov
‘Soothe’, London
Alan Halliday
‘Geese and Cherries’
Camburn FA, Chinon, France
Edward Noott
'Sunflowers and
Oranges' John Noott Gallery,
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