Galleries - November 2016

The 12th edition of the Edinburgh Art Fair is at the Corn Exchange (18to 20 November) with close to 1,000 artists from around the globe showing with 65 exhibiting galleries including these illustrated here as well as from Cyprus and Spain. The approach is well established – friendly and informal while professional and educational, a mix of contemporary and cutting edge art, appealing to first timers and collectors alike. Expect to find works in all media from established names, self-taught artists and recent graduates with prices ranging from £50 to £50,000. ARUSHA GALLERY – Stand C9 Pippa Young, Elaine Speirs, Julie Airey, Gail Harvey, Emily Moore, Morwenna Morrison, Alicia Savage. Image 1 : Pippa Young, The Lakes Of Our Motionless Days CONTEMPORARY FINE ART GALLERY ETON – Stand I10 Peter Howson, Andrew Hunt, Jimmy Lawlor, Muriel Barclay, Joe Hargan, Ryan Mutter, Chung Shek, Garry Brander, Tomas Clayton. Image 2 : Andrew Hunt, Baxter GALLERY DIFFERENT – Stand C10 Tara Winona, Adam Binder, Keith Haynes, Paul Bennett, Valeria Duca, Cinzia Pellin, Christine Teherian, Garry Raymond-Pereira, David Begbie, Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf. Image 3 : Tara Winona, Tendrils Of Nostalgia LILFORD GALLERY – Stand C1 Billy Childish, Heather Meyerratken, Jonathan Stewardson, Garry Raymond-Pereira, Patrick Hughes, Serge Jupin, Michael Olsen, David Begbie. Image 4 : Jon Doran, Freesias In The Afternoon SKYLARK GALLERY – Stand E6 Gill Hickman, Talia LeHavi, Sara Sherwood, Kathy Prest, Sarah Knight, Trinidad Ball, Linda Samson. Image 5 : Kathy Prest, Maryce URBANE ART GALLERY – Stand D4 Valeria Becker, Hossam Dirar, Daniel Sueiras Fanjul, Janne Parviainen, Jolanda Spagno, Pascale Taurua, Freddy Fabris, Matt Duke, Louise Giblin, Véronique Guerrieri. Image 6 : Valeria Becker, Le Cri De Mel WOODBINE CONTEMPORARY ARTS – Stand A1 Ceri Auckland-Davies, Charles Harrison, Juliet Holton, Emma Jackson, Latifa Khalfaoui, Julie Needham, Ailsa Read, David Strickland. Image 7 : Charles Harrison, Lady Wench NOVEMBER 2016 GALLERIES 13 A RT FA IR e dinburgh 1 2 3 4 6 7 5