Galleries - May 2016

UK Coloured Pencil Society 1 5th Anniversary Exhibition 4th – 14th May 2016 M enier Gallery, 51 Southwark St, London SE1 1RU Various workshops are being held throughout the exhibition. For further information please see the UKCPS website. Also artists from the society will be demonstrating on a daily basis. The Palm House by Alistair Howie, Best in Show winner 2001 Take your pick at London’s summer art fair Discover, love, buy artworks from over 30 countries Book Tickets ART16 20-22 MAY OLYMPIA First Night 19 May Yoshiyuki Ooe Train 2011 | mixed media | 69 x 95 x 30cm Lanyon's illustrated image is titled 'Object', painted in gouache 2 years before his early and accidental death in 1964 at the age of 46. Born in St Ives Lanyon remained loyal to the town, its artistic community and his peers through his early and later career. Working with and under Ben Nicholson, and also with the tutelage of Victor Pasmore, before joining the RAF and deployment to the theatre of war around the Western Desert. Returning to Britain Lanyon taught in Bath, he had his first solo show at the Lefevre Gallery in 1950 and his first in the USA in 1957 where he enjoyed meeting Mark Rothko and studying his work. Lanyon latterly developed a view and study of the English landscape tradition. American art influenced him by adding a liberation and looseness to his work. Allegedly it was gaining perspective on the visualisation of landscapes that led him to training successfully as a glider pilot and thus to the later accident which ended his life so early. on the COVER P eter Lanyon at Belgrave St Ives