Galleries - May 2016

landscape, alongside frank and revealing new portraits. Nicola Green: The Dance of Colour. May 25–Jun 18. Mixed media portraits of participants at the Rio Carnival in Brazil, expanding Green’s ongoing exploration of identity and race within contemporary culture. tube Oxford Circus, Green Park see also City/Islington map Mon–Sat 10–6 t 020 7439 7766 t @flowersgallery d MAYOR GALLERY 21 Cork Street, First Floor, London W1S 3LZ François Morellet: Les règles du jeu. Until May 27. Mon–Fri 10–5.30 t 020 7734 3558 t @MayorGallery. e MESSUM’S 28 Cork Street, London W1S 3NG Eardley Knollys. Until May 20. With his startling palette and bold use of pattern, Knollys paraphrased the cozy and the picturesque into something chic and surprising, retaining a keen sense of style and eye for the sensual. Laurence Edwards. May 25–Jun 24. Mon–Fri 10–6, Sat 11–5 t 020 7437 5545 t @Messums f Messums f REDFERN GALLERY 20 Cork Street, London W1S 3HL Derek Hill 1916-2000. May 9–16. A Centenary Loan Exhibition. Mon–Fri 11–5.30, Sat 11-2 t 020 7734 1732 g ROYAL ACADEMY OF ARTS Burlington House, Piccadilly, London W1 Ann Christopher RA: Drawing – The Lines of Time. Until May 29. daily 10–6, Fri until 10 t 020 7300 8000 h WADDINGTON CUSTOT GALLERIES 11 Cork Street, London W1S 3LT Barry Flanagan: Animal, Vegetable, Mineral. Until May 14. Vibration of Space: Heron, De Staël, Hartung, Soulages. May 25–Jul 9. Mon–Fri 10–6, Sat 10–1.30 t 020 7851 2200 C O R K ST R E E T R LIN G T O N ST LE ROW AL B EMAR L E S T DO V E R B U R L I N G T O N G D N OLD BOND STREET B U R L I N G O LD BUR L I N G T O N S T V I B U R L I N G T O N G D N S C L I F F O R D S T CO R K S T R E E T SAVIL E ROW A L BEM N EW B OND ST O L D R E G E N T ROYAL ACADEMY a g h c f e b d ? ALLA BULYANSKAYA GALLERY Presents original art works – Paintings, Graphics and Sculpture by Russia’s most highly esteemed artists. viewing by appt only m 07915 383073, 07412 919808 a BROWSE & DARBY 19 Cork Street, London W1S 3LP John Houston (1930–2008): Horizons. May 4–Jun 3. Mon–Fri 10–5.30, Sat 11–2 during exhibitions t 020 7734 7984 t @BrowseandDarby b DADIANI FINE ART 30 Cork street, London W1S 3NG Michael Sandle: New Works. Until May 18. Paul Wager: The Mask of Anarchy. Until May 31. Mon–Fri 11–6, Sat 11–3.30 t 020 7287 3717 t @dadianifineart f dadianifineart c ESKENAZI 10 Clifford Street, London W1S 2LJ Specialists in Chinese works of art. Mon–Fri 9.30–5.30 t 020 7493 5464 d FLOWERS 21 Cork Street, London W1S 3LZ Lucy Jones: The Cycle of Life. Until May 21. A new series of expressive impressions of the British 38 GALLERIES MAY 2016 MAP 24 LONDON CORK STREET Society ofWood Engravers 78th Annual Exhibition Original prints from £50. Until 31 May. Engraving demonstration 21 May. Kevis House Gallery Petworth, West Sussex All prints can be seen and bought online at 01798 215 007