Galleries - June 2016

14 GALLERIES JUNE 2016 MAP 3 SCOTLAND EDINBURGH artist Sara Barker presents two sequences of new work made specially for The Fruitmarket Gallery together with a small number of existing works. Mon–Sat 11–6, Sun 11–5 t 0131 225 2383 t @fruitmarket f fruitmarketgallery e GALLERY TEN 10 Stafford Street, Edinburgh EH3 7AU Simon Ward: Ceramic panels, birds and vases. Jun 11–Jul 16. f THE LAUREL GALLERY 58 St Stephen Street, Edinburgh EH3 5AL Independent gallery based in Stockbridge, Edinburgh, specialising in Original Contemporary Art and Crafts. Workshops running regularly. Tue–Sat 11–5 t 0131 226 5022 g OPEN EYE GALLERY 34 Abercromby Place, Edinburgh EH3 6QE Elaine Pamphilon: Paintings. Jun 6–22. Christopher Marvell: Sculpture. Jun 6–22. Mon–Fri 10–6, Sat 10–4 t 0131 557 1020 t @openeyegallery h THE SCOTTISH GALLERY 16 Dundas Street, Edinburgh EH3 6HZ Pat Douthwaite: The Outsider. Jun 1–25. *ad Paintings, drawings and prints by DUNDASSTREET DAVIDSTREET S TV IN CE NTST CH A RLOT T EST G L E NF INL AS S T YOUNG STRE ET GEORGE STREET ROSESTREET PRINCESSTREET Q U E E N ST R E ET H E RIOTR O W G REA T KIN GST C UM B ER LA N DS T Q UEENS F E RRYST L E I T H W A L K B R O U GHTON S T U N IO N S T E. L O ND ON ST LON DON S T FE T TE SR OW N ORTHUMBERLA ND S T Y OR K PL ACE LOND O R O Y A L T ER MA R KET S TREET P L E A S A N C ES T L E ON A R D' S C A N D L E M A K E R R O W L O T H I A N R O A D MANOR P LA C E M E LVILLEST W I LL I A M S T S H AN D W I C K P LAC E P L A C E A I N S L I E P L A C E M O R A Y H E N D E RS O N R O W N I C OLS O N S T R E E T S O U T H B R I D G E C O W G A TE HO L Y R R E G E N T R O A D HIGH ST R EET T H E M O U N D C A S T L E T E R R A C E B R E A D S T R E E T G R A S S M A R K E T RAE B UR N PL A CE C I R C U S R O Y A L S T S T E P H E N S S T A B E R C R O M B Y P L REGENT GARDENS PRINCES ST GARDENS CASTLE P AL M ERS T O N PL B E L F O R D R O A D HA Y M A R KET T ER R AC E Y R OA D COM E L Y B A NK AVE H R D D E A N P A TH Q U E E N S F E R R Y R O A D R A V E I S T O N T E R C RE W E R O A D S OUT H FI N LASST C UN I O N S T . L O ND O NS T D . S T P L A C E I E R A S S T R P L C HA R L OT TE S T D A D ST R ET T KING ST Q U E ENS F E S T N O T M B ERLAND S T YORK PL C W G AT E M AN O R AC E B R O U G H T O N ST U N G S TR EE T GEO R GE ST R E E T R O S E STREET PRINCE STREET QUE S ET E R IOT R OW F E TTE S R O W L ON D O YA L M A RKE T S T P L E A S A N CE ST L E G E O R G E L AU RI S TO N PL I V B R I D G E L O T H I A N R O A D M E L ILL E S T W I L L I A M S T MO R RIS O N S T S H AN DW ICK PL ACE HE N D E R S N R O W H O LY W A T E R L O O P L HIGH TR E ET C T H E M O U N D J O H N S T O N T E R R A C E B R E A D S T G R A S S M A R K E T RA E BURN P L L E I T H W A L K N I C L SON ST R N O R T H B R I D G E D UN D A S 1 m l c g b e f h k d i a j j Waverley a ARUSHA GALLERY 13A Dundas Street, Edinburgh EH3 6QG Charlotte Keates: Exploiting perspectives –a harmony in chaos. Jun 3–24. Solo exhibition of large scale paintings by Charlotte Keates in her distinguished and unique style, matched with new paintings by Emily Moore. Mon–Sat 10–5, Sun 1–5 t 0131 557 1412 m 07814 189018 b CHRISTIE’S 5 Wemyss Place, Edinburgh EH3 6DH Mon–Fri 9–5 t 0131 225 4756 c DOVECOT GALLERY 10 Infirmary Street, Edinburgh EH1 1LT Tuft Loving: Recent rug making projects. Until Jul 31. Rug projects in collaboration with artists including Linder, Adrian Wiszniewski and Garry Fabian Miller. Thu/Fri 12–3, Sat 10.30–5.30 free admn The Scottish Endarkenment: Art and Unreason | 1945 to the present. Until Aug 29. Endarkenment presents a comprehensive approach to the challenging concerns which have obsessed many of the most important and innovative Scottish artists since the end of WW2. Mon–Sat 10.30–5.30 free admn t 0131 550 3660 d THE FRUITMARKET GALLERY 45 Market Street, Edinburgh EH1 1DF Sara Barker: Change-The-Setting. Until Jun 5. This exhibition by Glasgow-based Patricia Douthwaite (1934–2002), coinciding with the publication of a new monograph by Guy Peploe, published by Sansom & Co. John Busby: A Memorial Exhibition. Jun 1–25. Furniture Focus: Namon Gaston, Andrew Holmes, Edward Teasdale, Thrie Estaits & Lair. Jun 1–25. Mariko Sumioka and Koichi Oi. Introducing the Japanese jeweller and metalsmith. Jun 1–25. Mon–Fri 10–6, Sat 10–4 t 0131 558 1200 t @ScottishGallery f ScottishGallery i SCOTTISH NATIONAL GALLERY The Mound, Edinburgh EH2 2EL Rubens and Company. Until Aug 28. t 0131 624 6200 j SCOTTISH NATIONAL GALLERY OF MODERN ART 75/73 Belford Road, Edinburgh EH4 3DR Bridget Riley (1963–2015): Paintings. Until Apr 16 2017. Modern Scottish Women: Painters and Sculptors 1885–1965. Until Jun 26. t 0131 624 6200 k SCOTTISH NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY 1 Queen Street, Edinburgh EH2 1JD Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2015. Jun 18–Oct 2. t 0131 624 6200, free admn l THE SUTTON GALLERY 18a Dundas Street, Edinburgh EH3 6HZ Dave Watson and Morag Eaton: Foldyard. Jun 4–18. A joint exhibition by Berwick-upon- Tweed based painter Dave Watson and printmaker Morag Eaton. Tue–Sat 11–5 t 0131 557 4810 m URBANE ART GALLERY 25–27 Jeffrey Street, Edinburgh EH1 1DH Affordable Art Fair Hampstead. Stand J7. Jun 16–19. We are excited to be participating for the first time at the Affordable Art Fair Hampstead. We are presenting a dynamic collection of international contemporary art. Come along and say hello, we are looking forward to meeting you. Tue–Sat 11–5, Sun 12–4 t 0131 556 8379 m 079 8466 3094 t @UrbaneArt f UrbaneArtEdinburgh