Galleries - April 2016

APRIL 2016 GALLERIES 45 not much. This might be why much ofthe work displayed revolves around the lamentable British class system, unique in the West for its inequity, seen in photographs by Tina Bernay and Bruce Davidson. This does make for an interesting show, and while other topics including the Northern Irish conflict are considered, one can’t help but ask what have photographers from the other continents done? Emily Medd For a photography masterclass, head to the Paul Strand retrospective at the Victoria and Albert Museum . With a 60 year career starting in 1910, this American photographer was one of the 20th century’s most important. He defined the medium’s history but also its role in contemporary art. His quiet images contrast with today’s in your face photos, shouting to be seen in galleries, on Instagram or on Snapchat. Yet they still compel, revealing more the longer you look at them, whether of people scurrying to work on Wall Street or an image of a toadstool. His direct, natural approach brings a renewed dignity to humanity and nature – for there was no photoshopping for Strand. Street scenes, portraits and landscapes create a searing view of 1960s Ghana which together with his films provide a rounded view of his memorable oeuvre. Take the blind woman caught unawares with a decoy lens, the palpably close knit Lusetti family or stark, yet elegiac buildings. Born in 1890, Strand’s work remains relevant. Peter Lindbergh’s iconic photo of Kate Moss in dungarees reminds me of Strand’s young boy in overalls. So after a solo show hiatus of 40 years, welcome back Paul Strand. Melanie Abrams Quietly compelling from left: Paul Strand ‘Couple, Ruc ă r, Romania’ 1967 © Paul Strand Archive, Aperture Foundation Victoria and Albert Museum. Akihiko Okamura ‘Northern Ireland’ 1970s, © Akihiko Okamura Barbican Art Gallery. Romain Mader ‘Ekaterina: Mariage à Loèche-les-Bains’ 2012 © Romain Mader / ECAL,Tate Modern. Sergio Larrain ‘London, Baker Street underground station’ 1958-1959, © Sergio Larrain/Magnum Photos, Barbican Art Gallery P rints GB. com Dedicated site promoting the work of artists working in print. Featuring: Jane Bristowe, Emma Clark, Paula Cox, Colin Gale, Vincent Jackson, Elaine Newman, Susie Perring, Melvyn Petterson, Sonia Rollo, Chris Salmon. t 01372 842879 TALISMAN FINE ART Symbolist Art, Art Nouveau, Deco, mainly on paper (1860- 1940). t 07764 578130 VICTOR ARWAS GALLERY Editions Graphiques Ltd, London Original graphics, drawings, paintings, 1880–1960. Art Nouveau and Art Deco Applied Arts and graphics. Books by Victor Arwas. T 020 7499 2658. THE WHITLEY ART GALLERY Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow, Ireland (viewing by appointment) Original Prints and Drawings, Japanese Woodblocks, Contemporary Artists and Photographers. t 00353 1 2829915