Galleries - September 2015

44 GALLERIES SEPTEMBER 2015 a ANNELY JUDA FINE ART 23 Dering Street, London W1S 1AW Sheila Girling. Sep 10–Oct 24. Jürgen Klauke: Aesthetic Paranoia. Sep 10–Oct 24. Representing Contemporary British, European and International artists. The gallery also exhibits masters of the 20th century avant-garde, specialising in Russian Constructivism, Bauhaus and De Stijl. Mon–Fri 10–6, Sat11–5 t020 7629 7578 t @Annely–Juda f AnnelyJudaFineArt b BEAUX ARTS 48 Maddox Street, London W1S 1AY Anna Gillespie. New Work. Sep 3–Oct 3. *ad Her first solo London exhibition of bronze sculptures, moving forward from her original creations of wood and found objects. Mon–Sat11–6 t020 7493 1155 c BELGRAVIA GALLERY 23 Maddox Street, London W1S 2QN Blue: A Summer Exhibition. Until Sep 7. Featuring artworks from Maria Filopoulou, Monroe Hodder, John Illsley, Carl Laubin, Dion Salvador Lloyd, Nelson Mandela, Henri Matisse, Gary Raymond-Pereira. Monroe Hodder: Opera –new works. Sep 3–24. Mon–Fri 10.30–6, Wkend by apptt020 7495 1010 d BONHAMS 101 New Bond Street, London W1S 1SR Mon–Fri 8.30–5, Sun (viewing only) 2–5 t020 7629 6602 e 54 THE GALLERY 54 Shepherd Market, London W1J 7QX Keith Holmes and Andre Bardega: Form and Illusion. Sep 28–Oct 10. *ad Keith Holmes’ charcoal drawings redefining obsolete tools, and Andre Bardega’s soft pastels of still life subjects and the human form. t020 7491 7322 MAP 23 LONDON NEW BOND STREET C A R N S . M O L TON S T B IN N E Y ST ER I N G S T W H I T E H OR B O LTON S T H AL F M OO N CL IF F O R D ST BRU T O N PL B O U R D O N S T A V E R Y R O W S T G E O R GE S T C AR LOS P L K I N GLY ST B U R L I N G T O N BRO O K'S M S WEI GH H O U S EST B E R K E L E Y S T R E E T D O V E R S T R E E T D A V I E S S T R E E T D U K E ST R EE T BROOK S T RE E T C H AR LES ST SO UT H S T R EET H I L L S T REE T S. A U DLE Y ST C U R Z O N S T R E E T S A V IL E R O W M O U N T S T R E E T B R U T O N S T S Q U A R E B E R K E L E Y M A D D O X S T G T M A G R O S V E N O R S T R E E T SQUA R E G RO S V E N O R S Q U A R E H A N O V E R C O N D U I T S T R E E T N E W / N E W B O N D S T R E E T N E D I L L Y R E G E N T S T R R D S T R E E T N O K E T E E N W OL D B O N D S T C O R K S T MAP 27 MA ST J AM MAP 26 2 a e h f c b i j l g k d Bond Street f FLEMING COLLECTION 13 Berkeley Street, London W1J 8DU Northern Lights: Aberdeen Art Gallery at the Fleming Collection. Sep 8–Jan 27. Master works including Turner’s watercolour Caerlaverock Castle in Dumfriesshire and a flower study by Charles Rennie Mackintosh are on show at the Fleming Collection whilst Aberdeen Art Gallery is closed for refurbishment. tube Green Park Tue–Sat10–5.30 t020 7042 5730 t @FlemingGallery f flemingcollection g GIMPEL FILS 30 Davies Street, London W1K 4NB Albert Irvin: Painting the Human Spirit. Until Sep 12. Moyna Flannigan: earth sky body. Sep 17–Nov 14. Mon–Fri 10–5.30, Sat11–4 t020 7493 2488 h HAMILTONS GALLERY 13 Carlos Place, London W1K 2EU Modern and Contemporary Photography. Don McCullin: Eighty. Sep 9–Oct 3. Tue–Fri 10–6, Sat11–4 t020 7499 9494 i HANINA FINE ARTS 21 Woodstock Street, London W1C 2AP Leading specialists in the post-war School of Paris. Showing Claude Venard, Gustave Singier, Jacques Germain, John Levée, Olivier Debré, Youla Chapoval, André Lanskoy, Jean Le Moal and others. Mon–Fri 10–6, Sat12–4 t020 7243 8877 j OPERA GALLERY LONDON 134 New Bond Street, London W1S 2TF Opera Gallery exhibits and sells masterpieces of Modern Art by the likes of Picasso, Miró, Buffet and Chagall; along with Contemporary established and upcoming artists such as Kusama, Yue Minjun, David Mach, Gérard Rancinan, Lita Cabellut and Joe Black. Monthly exhibitions of both Masters and Contemporary art throughout the year. Mon–Sat10–7, Sun 12–5 t020 7491 2999 k OSBORNE SAMUEL 23a Bruton Street, London W1J 6QG George Dannatt and Friends. Sep 7–19. Including paintings by John Wells and sculpture by Denis Mitchell. 20/21 British Art Fair. Sep 9–13. Sybil Andrews: Grosvenor School Linocuts. Sep 24–Oct 10. Eileen Gray: The Private Painter. Oct 12–Nov 7. An exhibition of rare paintings, drawings and photographs. Mon–Fri 10–5.30 t020 7493 7939 l SOTHEBY’S 34–35 New Bond Street, London W1A 2AA Mon–Fri 9–4.30 t020 7293 5000 a WHITFIELD FINE ART 23 Dering Street, London W1S 1AW Specialist Dealers in Old Master Paintings. A selection of Old Master paintings on view. Mon–Fri 9.30–5.30 t020 7355 0040