Galleries - May 2015

42 GALLERIES MAY 2015 MAP 22 LONDON BLOOMSBURY & FITZROVIA a ABBOTT & HOLDER 30 Museum St, London WC1A 1LH opposite British Museum Illustrated ‘Lists’ introducing new stock of watercolours, drawings, oils and prints appear on our website on the 1st Wednesday of every month. Our Con- servator offers free advice and quotes for the conservation ofworks on paper . t 020 7637 3981 b AUSTIN/DESMOND FINE ART Pied Bull Yard, 68/69 Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3BN Specialising in Modern British, International and Contemporary art. Telfer Stokes: Embodied – Metal Objects 2013–15. May 1–23. Mon–Fri 10.30–5.30, Sat during exhibs only 11–2.30 t 020 7242 4443 c CONTEMPORARY CERAMICS CENTRE 63 Great Russell St, London WC1B 3BF Svend Bayer: New Work. Until May 2. Walter Keeler: New Work New Possibilities. May 7–30. New extruded salt glazed forms. “It is the constraints as well as the opportunities of a process that have always motivated my sense of adventure in making.” Mon–Sat 10.30–6 t 020 7242 9644 d CURWEN GALLERY 34 Windmill St, London W1T 2JR Emma Dunbar and Fiona Millais. May 7–28. *pr Mark Cazalet in the Upper Gallery. May 7–28. *pr *ad Talk by Mark Cazalet Tue May 12, 6.30. Mon–Fri 10–6 (Thur 10–8), Sat 11–5 t 020 7323 4700 e DÉBUT ART & THE CONINGSBY GALLERY 30 Tottenham Street, London W1T 4RJ Photographs by BA (Hons) Editorial and Advertising Photography students at the University ofGloucester. In- cludes a range of talks. May 4–9. Christina K: Lunar Tribes. May 11–23. A series of limited edition hand- printed, digital and original works by illustrator, textile designer and screen- printer Christina K. The work explores Christina’s fascination with tribes, their decoration and mystical spirit. Exhibition of final year Illustration BA (Hons) students’ work at Cleveland College ofArt & Design. May 25–30. t 020 7636 7478 f THE FRAMERS GALLERY 36 Windmill Street, London W1T 2JT J.E. Pipkin: Horizontal Aspects. May 12–22. Exhibition of paintings. Mon–Fri 10–5.30, Sat 11–5 t 020 7580 4878 g GALLERY DIFFERENT 14 Percy Street, London W1T 1DR Artpop – Keith Haynes. Until May 30. Solo show featuring new work by this exciting vinyl & mixed media artist. *ad Tue–Fri 10.30–6, Thur 10.30–8, Sat 11–5 t 020 7637 3775 h OCTOBER GALLERY 24 Old Gloucester Street, London WC1N 3AL Kenji Yoshida: Infinite Light. Until May 9. Solo exhibition of oils and metals works by renowned Japanese artist. Wang Huangsheng: Unbroken Line. May 14–Jun 20. First solo exhibition in London by one of the most influential figures in the Chinese art world, Wang Huang- sheng ranging from light installations to sculpture, but primarily with ink on paper. Often working with one line, he enhances traditional Chinese brushstrokes, moving ink around the OL D G LO U C E ST ER S T OR M OND ST GU I L FORD ST R EET G T S T J A M E S S T R E D L I O N B E D F O R D S Q U A R E BED FO RD P L BLO O MSBURY M U SE U M LIN CO L N' S I N N K IN G S WA BE RN ER S S T N E W M A N S T R E E T OX FORD ST R EET N E W OX F ORD ST R E ET HO LB O RN WI ND MI L L CH E N IES B Y N G P L A C E BEDFORD WAY S Q UA RE RU SS ELL M ONT A GU E S T R EET MA L ET S T REET S T O R E S T MA P L E ST R E ET WH IT FI E LD STRE E T HOWLAND ST G RA F TO N WAY T O T T E N HA M M ORTIMER S T G OO D GE S T R A T H B O N E P L C L E V E L A N D S T GT. TITCHFIELD S T G RE AT R US SEL L S T TOTTE N HAM C OURT R O A D G OWE R STREET M ON TAGUE P L S OUTHAMP TO N R O W T H E O B A L D S R O A D L A M B'S C O N D U I T S T RE D LION ST ST R OW BRITISH MUSEUM UNIVERSITY OF LONDON G R T . ST BEDFORD SQUARE S T W A Y EA S T C AS TLE ST P ORT L A ND P L R E G E N T S T LD GLO U C E STE R ST GT OR M ON D ST D B E D F O R D R O W S A B F O RD PL M S E U M L 'S IN N FI E L D S WI N D MIL L HE N I ES ST T O TTE N HA M ST ST S P E R C Y C H A R L O T T E U AR E R U E L O N T A G UE STRE ET ST O T H N D ST M O N T AG UE P A T RUS ELL ST GUILFORD STREET G T S T J A M E S O U R Y S B E R N ER S ST N E W M A N S T P L A E D F O R D W A Y MAL ET STR E T E T W HI TFIELD S T R EET T O A Y RTI E ST ODG T C H A R L O T T E S T STREET LACE SOUTHAMPTON ROW T H E O B A L D S R O A D L A M B'S C O ND IT ST RE LI O N ST W CLEVELAND STREET G T. TITCHFIELD ST G REAT PORTLAND ST R EET O XFORD S TRE ET NE W OXFO R D STRE E T HOLBOR N TO TTE N HA M CO U R T R O AD E U S UNIVE I OF LONDON Tottenham Court Rd Russell Sq Holborn Goodge St a g k j f b h e i d c i paper in a free form to express a contemporary language. tube Holborn/Russell Square Tue–Sat 12.30–5.30, or appt, admn free t 020 7242 7367 i REBECCA HOSSACK ART GALLERY 2a Conway St, London W1T 6BA Will Mackinnon. May 4–30. Scenes of the Australian wilderness, urbanity and domesticity, exploring their intersection with powerful use of light and shade. Tracks: Land and Landscape in Aboriginal Art. During May. Examining the connection between mankind and the land which is at the heart of Aboriginal life and art. Masterworks from across Aboriginal Australia. t 020 7436 4899 REBECCA HOSSACK AT CHARLOTTE STREET 28 Charlotte Street, London W1T 2NA Anne Middleton. May 5–30. Australian artist’s exhibition to coin- cide with the Chelsea Fringe Festival. Middleton’s brush works on her soft grey Belgian linen canvases with scrupulous attention to sensual detail, illuminating the delicate textures of flowers and plants. Mon–Sat 10–6 t 020 7255 2828 j STORE STREET GALLERY 32 Store Street, London WC1E 7BS k WOOLFF GALLERY 89 Charlotte St, London W1T 4PU Annemarie Wright: What do you think? Election Special. Until May 15. Handwritten portraits created using text, all comments and public opinion has been sourced by the artist from social media. Mon–Fri 10.30–6, Sat 11–5 t 020 7631 0551