Galleries - March 2015

54 GALLERIES MARCH 2015 Denotes: New/Re Entry, Site Refreshing/Change of Address These pages are reproduced on ARTISTS ONLINE Alan Stark: marine & landscape paintings Anita Klein Anna Masters: mixed media & installation artist Anne Lynch: contemporary figurative paintings and prints Antonino Trimarchi: neo-surrealist paintings Becca Clegg: vibrant abstracts, semi-abstracts & landscapes Caroline Juler: writer, painter, sculptor Danny Holmes-Adams: British landscape & night paintings Deborah Phillips: Scottish contemporary landscape painter Dimitrios Tsouris: expressionist paintings - theme of ‘presence’ Emiko Aida Endre Roder: languidly detached - paintings of young women F.magnus-Hirshfield: sixty years in bronze and silver Frances Broomfield: paints small, detailed, idiosyncratic work Frances Knight: plein air landscape paintings Francis Murphy: abstracts, landscapes, space, portraits Heather Gulliver: bright light oils of Africa with earlier abstracts Irene Scheinmann: fine art prints, mixed media & paintings Janet Tod: vibrant colourful still life Jenny Sutton: still lifes and landscapes in oil Jo Tuck: vibrant colourful landscapes & portraits Jo Whitney: contemporary oils, Cornwall, Venice, Nice, Plymouth Joan Doerr: paintings inspired by elemental impact on environment Julian Anniss: paintings, oils, landscape & still life Laurence Broderick: sculpture Lee Campbell: atmospheric oils, landscape, waterscape, metaphysical Lisa McGinty: chiaroscuro portraits, spiritual, landscape, symbolic Margaret Berry: sculptor (suspended ceramics) Marjana Wjasnova: symbolic, abstract, spiritual artist Michael Alford: figurative, landscapes, cityscapes, portrait commissions Natalia Avdeeva: views of London, oil paintings & prints Nick Andrew: contemporary landscape painting Nigel O’Neill: geometric paintings Pat Castle: oils & mixed media on paper Paul Smith: sculptures - bold, semi abstract, figurative Ray Wilkinson: land and seascapes Richard Wallace: properly painted pictures and pleasing prints Robert Stuart: drawing from movement Rosemary Clunie: a quest for the dream at the heart of life Rosie Packer: abstract paintings of the sea, city and nature Sonja Benskin Mesher RCA, UA: multi media Ulla: Paintings – MY Cosmos! female forms, dreamscapes PORTRAITS Dennis Gilbert: portraits - former Chairman Contemp. Portrait Soc. STUDIOS Brockley Artists: 48 artists ARTIST WEBSITES January 2010 - February 2015 The website received over 450,000 visitors making 940,000 page views An Artist entry on the ART SITES pages in Galleries here and at promotes an artist’s website directly economically and consistently Prices at £57.60 inc vat or £67.20 inc vat with a magazine subscription for a year New/Repeat entries are now Tweeted to 2500+ followers @art_mag each month T 020 8237 1180 E