Galleries - March 2015

NEW ARTIST FAIR Since it started in 2011 the New Artist Fair has firmly established itself as a vital point of entry for young artists wishing to establish themselves on the London scene, its twice-yearly exhibitions at really attractive Central London locations providing a highly professionally organised and affordable exhibiting space at that difficult moment in any artist's early career – when you have left all those vital props of art-school life behind you! This spring's show, their 'Framed Exhibition', at Candid Arts, (from 27-29 March) follows a now well- established pattern, being open toany artist less than ten years out of art school or looking to promote themselves in London, and will be showcasing some 50 plus artists (selected by the organisers Leah and Oliver from Framed Exhibition 50+ artists at Candid Galleries, Torrens Street EC1 several hundred submissions) in a wide variety of 2-D media from painting and printmaking to photography and drawing and in a wide variety of styles too – landscape, portraits and abstract. With prices ranging from £20 to £1,000, and with the majority between £150-£500, it makes very good sense for buyers and collectors too, much better value than buying a mass- produced work from a superstore while at the same time ensuring that almost all the money will be going to the artist. And, quite apart from the enjoyment it will provide, there is the possibilty that you might be buying a star of the future! Nicholas Usherwood 1| Marek Emczek Olszewski (detail) 2| Andrea Knowles 3| Ursula Stone 4| Komal Madar 5| Leah Michelle 6| Belinda Pearce 7| Karen Tinney 2 3 4 5 6 7 1